NARS Color Collection Fall 2014: Night Caller



A bold, yet tender palette, dramatic enough to seduce the darkest hour – NARS
Cosmetics introduces the captivating scene of the Fall 2014 Color Collection and the
new Night Series Eyeliners.

Eyes shine in amethyst and quartz shadows while intense black liners flecked with
rich purple, gold, and green pearl provide intriguing depth. Lips smolder in warm reds
and cheeks are softened with a wash of glistening pink.

The Night Series eyeliners glide on smooth with ultra-saturated color in a single swipe
while luminous micro-pearls set in jet black color light up the night.


Night Series Eyeliners

night series

  • Night Flight Eyeliner , $24
    black with cobalt blue pearl
  • Night Bird Eyeliner , $24
    black with purple pearl
  • Night Clubbing Eyeliner, $24
    black with gold pearl
  • Night Porter Eyeliner , $24
    black with green pearl

Eyeshadow Duo

NARS Fall 2014 Color Collection Dolomites Duo Eyeshadow - jpeg

NARS Fall 2014 Color Collection Jardin Duo Eyeshadow - jpeg

  • Dolomites Duo Eyeshadow, $35
    limited edition
    (L) shiny rose quartz, (R) chocolate


  • Jardin Perdu Duo Eyeshadow, $35
    limited edition
    (L) metallic dove grey, (R) metallic amethyst

Lip Pencil


lip pencil

  • Bansar Satin Lip Pencil, $25
    focus item
    rose brown


  • Mondore Satin Lip Pencil, $25
    limited edition


NARS Fall 2014 Color Collection Mauritanie Matte Multiple - jpeg

  • Mauritanie Matte Multiple , $39
    limited edition
    strawberry red


NARS Fall 2014 Color Collection Unlawful Blush - jpeg

  • Unlawful Blush, $30
    focus item
    amber pink with silver pearls


Available July 15, 2014 at NARS boutiques and on; Available
August 1, 2014 at Sephora, Dept./Specialty Stores

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  • Heather ツ

    The blush looks reaaaaally nice.

  • Kirsty Shawntae

    i really want that blush now