NARS Fall 2012-Product Information And Prices

Nars fall 2012 lineup

The NARS Fall 2012 Collection is bold and breathtaking. If this collection is any indication of what might be in store for the fall, then it’s safe to assume to that there will be lots of jewel tones (as normal), icy tones, shimmering red lips, and rogue blush. Check out the full listing for NARS Fall Collection  right here.


NARS High Society– A mixture of lavender, matte forest green, and iridescent amethyst.



NARS Undress Me– This is a multiple: nude pink with hints of shimmer



NARS Stormbird– grey nailpolish



NARS More Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil- Flattering and glossy Auburn



NARS Vent Glace– combination of platinum and silver smoke duo.



NARS Autumn Leaves– Glistening Brandy





NARS Outlaw– Rose with golden shimmer



Rogue Tribal- metallic burgundy



Amsterdam- Garnet Red


Fall 2012 Collection

High Society Trio Eyeshadow (Limited Edition) $45

Vent Glacé Duo Eyeshadow $34

Outlaw Blush $28

Undress Me Multiple $39

Autumn Leaves Lipstick $24

Rouge Tribal Larger Than Life Lip Gloss $26

Amsterdam Pure Matte Lipstick $25

More Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil $24

Storm Bird Nail Polish (Limited Edition) $18


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