NARS Outlaw Blush Is Illegally Gorgeous


Imagine frolicking in a rose garden somewhere and you dropped your NARS Orgasm blush. Now, let’s imagine that rose stole your blush and applied it. That’s how I feel about Outlaw.

I used to crave NARS Orgasm, like I bought it three times and every time the problem was that I just couldn’t wear it. I needed it to be deeper because the gold, while beautiful, stood out more than the peach itself. So I gave up. But a new Sherriff’s in town, and she’s an Outlaw.

NARS Outlaw is a soft rose with hints of gold shimmer. I am in love with the gold. This blush gives my face a natural flush with illuminating hints of gold. It’s  not like a chunky glittery gold, it’s like a soft, glowing, ‘my skin may or may not be this fabulous’ gold.


I love the pigmentation of this blush, It’s perfect. No really, if you are looking for me to say anything bad about this blush, move on somewhere else. I am in love.

This is also an African American friendly blush, it’s honestly great for anyone with warm skin tones. And that gold just sets the skin off just right. This is a versatile blush, you can wear it day or night, you can even go a little heavier at night for a Rogue look.

Thanks for a perfect addition to the Fall Collection!

Price: $28.00


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4 thoughts on “NARS Outlaw Blush Is Illegally Gorgeous

  1. JoJozBeauty

    I love matte blushes but I am in love with blushes which has hints of gold shimmer in them. Gives my look that nice glow.


    1. GGGarbage

      thanks! <3


  2. Krystle

    What a gorgeous color, and so perfect for Fall!


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