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Make Up For Ever has released their first primer ever. Eye Prime is a nude eyelid primer designed to stabilize shadows, intensify color pay-off, and prevent creasing. Eye Prime is formulated with a combination of waxes and polymers that make eye shadows smudge proof. 

Check out my review of Eye Prime, and read on for my biggest gripe with the product:


Eye Prime is packaged in a 0.18oz tube with a doe-foot wand. The color of the primer inside the tube is a nude color that blends to be completely transparent. It leaves a very silky finish, reminds me of a foundation primer. It has absolutely no scent, so this gets rid of the worry of sensitivity and irritation.



Use is very easy- apply a think layer to the lids and blend with your fingers. Using a brush makes it streaky and using a sponge applicator, well the sponge soaks up all the product. It dries almost instantly, so you don’t have to sit there waving at your eyes, and waiting for it to dry.

You can wear this alone (which I really see no reason), or you can wear in preparation before applying your shadow.

I like this primer, I want to love this primer. I love how fast it dries, I love how easy it is to blend shadows and how long this lasts.

I have but one complaint about this- HAVE YOU NOT LEARNED ANYTHING FROM URBAN DECAY!!!!!

What are you doing with this doe tip wand? Are we in 2008 again? Do I need to get my exacto knife out and a gram jar and harvest the rest of the primer from the tube? I forsee this working out good for a few weeks, and then with heavy use sitting there wondering are you out of product, and having to cut open the tube and putting it in a gram jar. I don’t want to go through that. Why not put it in a squeeze tube?

Make Up For Ever retails for $22.00 at and Make Up For Ever Boutiques.

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