Nivea Lip Butter Caramel Cream Kiss


Nivea has launched some new lip butters in the past few weeks and this is one of a few offered in the collection. I picked up Nivea Lip Butter Caramel Cream Kiss.

Nivea claims these butters instantly melt on your lips when applied, giving long lasting moisture and nourishment.

The lip butter is packaged in a 0.59oz flat tin. This makes for easy storage and travel. Because it’s a tin, you have to apply using your fingers so don’t let others poke their finger in it, and make sure your hands are clean before you dig in, so that the tin lasts a little longer.


Nivea lip butter has a soft, smooth texture to it. You do not have to dig in to get product, it’s very soft and easy to pick up out of the tin.

The lip butter applies white and opaque, but melts into the lips clear.


A bit of product goes a long way. It applies smoothly with a heavier sheen on the lips. It is a lip butter, so it’s to be expected. It does not have a heavy feel when I wear it on my lips, so that’s a plus. My lips were moisturized for a good four hours without the need for reapplication. Even when it is was all gone off my lips, they were still very soft and smooth. I guess that’s the shea butter and olive oil Smile

It has the scent of light and creamy caramel, and has no taste (don’t ask).

I can see myself using this as night before bed. It’s a tad too shiny for me to wear out and about during the daytime.

I grabbed this lip butter out of Walgreens for $5.49. Scents available are Caramel Cream, Vanilla Macadamia, and Unscented.


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  • Very cool! would love to own both caramel and vanilla im a sucker for anything food related