Nudity Is Dead, Electric Is In? Rumor or Real: Urban Decay Electric Palette


This is the day that I’ve been waiting for. The end of the nude trend is near and bright vivid neons are coming…..

……..Well maybe.

Rumor has it an Urban Decay employee went rogue (here’s to hoping she that she is looking for a new job) and leaked information about a new palette that is probably going to be released during Summer 2014. Urban Decay Electric.

Urban Decay Electric is a ten pan palette that contains nothing but bright, vivid, bold, ELECTRIC colors. Ok not all, there’s one white shade for contrast. Shades include:

  • Revolt

  • Gonzo

  • Slowburn

  • Savage

  • Fringe

  • Chaos (repromote)

  • Jilted

  • Urban

  • Freak

  • Thrash

Of course Urban Decay is not going to admit this exists, they need time to take it all in Winking smile Price is unknown and I will update with more information soon. If this is real. And by chance this is real, I dedicate this song to Urban Decay. You may not think it’s right for this party but I promise you it is.

Take my money, my house and my car…..



Source Credit: Reddit

Image Credit: Reddit

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