Oyin Handmade Gift Set Guide!!!



The Gift and A Half ($90.00): Looking for a gift for a loved one with a whole lot of hair? This kit contains large sizes of their most popular hair care products! It consists of Shine & Define: designed to be nourishing, light & non-greasy, this soft creamy serum contains herbal infusions, pure Aloe Vera, flax seed extract, nutritive sea vegetables, shea butter, and more. It’s like a smoothie for your hair! Whipped Pudding: it’s a mixture of rich botanical butters & oils like shea butter, cocoa butter, and castor oil; blended with plenty of pure aloe vera gel and spring water for lightness & penetration.

The result is superior, rich, penetrating moisture in an all-purpose, head-to-toe product, Burnt Sugar Pomade: all vegetable based nourishing styling product increasing shine and locking in moisture, Hair Dew: petroleum free leave-in conditioner that gives you a way to moisturize your "second day" hair, Juices & Berries: leave-in hair tonics infused with a variety of herbs to help condition and stimulate the scalp. and HoneyHemp Conditioner: is a penetrating, detangling, seriously softening multipurpose conditioner, enriched with aloe vera gel, hemp oil, honey, and just a touch of hydrolyzed silk protein. It can even be used as a creamy, nourishing leave-in!



The Gift Cocktail ($30.00): A woman can never have too many diamonds, little black dresses and super nourishing leave-in conditioner. This kit contains one of each of the flavors of "Juices" herbal leave-in hair tonics; bottles of Juices & Berries, Greg Juice and Frank Juice.



The Gift Box ($45.00): This medium box is perfect to get you started with a great selection of handmade hair products. Wonderful for transitioners, recent big-choppers, cropped hair wearers, and those who wear lots of protective styles! This kit includes HoneyHemp Conditioner, a mini bottle of Greg Juice Herbal leave-in spray, the Grand Poo Bar:is a truly succulent solid shampoo option in the area of non-detergent cleansing: it’s made from a glycerine-rich soap base enriched with moisturizing oils and butters like castor, shea, and cocoa, and jars of Burnt Sugar Pomade and Whipped Pudding.

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