Question Of The Day: Fragrance Bottles

Writing about Guess Girl made me think of an interesting question.

Let’s say you are in Sephora, and you run across a a bottle of perfume. The bottle is ugly as hell, but it smells fantastic- like, it’s the fragrance that you have been looking for. Do you buy it? Or do you find an alternative.

Another fragrance that comes to mind is Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday fragrance. The fragrance was released during the winter, but it was very Spring appropriate in scent. To be honest, it smells very good if you are into youthful fragrances, but the bottle is horrendous in my opinion. The Gaultier-esque bottle created in the image of Nicki is an eyesore.

Does fragrance packaging/bottle design factor into whether or not you buy a perfume? If the perfume smells good but the bottle is ugly, do you buy?

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  • Guess it just depends….I believe alot of the cost of perfume is the bottle/packaging.
    I don’t mind an ugly bottle if the scent is what I really want