Recessionista- Three Products You Are Wasting Money Buying

It’s a recession indeed. Money is tight and you want to be beautiful. In order to save you a few coins, I thought that it was time to show you three products you are wasting your money on.


1. Lip Scrubs– Let’s face it, the lip scrub trend is fairly new. Beauty forums and bloggers everywhere are buzzing over lip scrubs and their miraculous powers to exfoliate dead skin and leave the lips moist and soft and lush. Even I reviewed one lip scrub a few years back. Looked nice, smelled nice, cost too much. After doing some very simple research online, I found out how to make lip scrubs at home. I even shared my lip scrub recipes with you guys. It’s nothing more than a combination of sugar, salt, oils, and fragrances. You can do that yourself, and you probably have the products in your house right now which means you may end up spending nothing. Why put money in another company’s hands just for pretty packaging? And they all do the same thing. You are pay for fragrance. So ditch retailer and e-tailer scrubs and make your own!




caviar nails2

2. Caviar Inspired Nail Kits– Sometime last year, one of you ingenious ladies decided it would be a good idea to create a 3-D nail look with little micropearls and the term Caviar Nails was born. This year, the trend has picked up speed and now one company wants to capitalize off of the idea by creating kits at a very steep price of $25 for one color. Have a seat and let’s talk- You can get.Martha Stewart Crafts Metallic Microbeads, 12-Pack for $15.99. But wait it gets worse, the ones you buy online, you get more product. Yeah I said it close your mouth babe! So sit back, relax, go to your craft store, watch this wonderful tutorial from The PolishAholic  and save yourself some cash.




3. Salon brand shampoos– Kudos to Suave for showing you in commercial after commercial that most of the time, that $21 a bottle shampoo is no different than their $3 a bottle shampoo. Same volume, same scent, same results. Yeah every once in a while you may run across a glittery flying unicorn (a term best coined by my friend Brandi) in the salon that is some miraculous product that works and is worth the money but let’s face it, the majority of the time you don’t. Now is a great time to research a few of your favorite blogs and check out their hair care product recommendations. Research before you buy.

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