Introducing Scentbird: Fragrance Subscription Review

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It’s time for another beauty subscription review and this time it’s from the fragrance niche. Remember when I posted about finding your signature scent in two easy steps? Scentbird helps you take fragrance shopping to the next level by picking three of your favorite fragrances, and selecting a perfume similar to it. I got the opportunity to check out this new service, check out my thoughts below.

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Fragrance Selection

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First, you enter the name of three scents that you love. I picked DKNY Be Delicious, Clean Fragrance by Clean, and Amazing Grace by Philosophy. I’m a big fan of clean, fresh fragrances with aquatic notes.  Once you enter your favorite three scents, you get a list of fragrances with similar notes. It didn’t take long to decide that I would love to try Acqua Di Gioia eau fraiche by Giorgio Armani. It’s a fresh everyday scent with aquatic notes. You have the choice of selecting up to five fragrances, or trying out just one. I went with just this fragrance.

Now it’s time to checkout. This fragrance costs $58, but no worries, you are not charged just yet. You will enter your credit card and Scentbird will make an authorization charge of $30 per perfume. You will only be charged the full amount (plus tax) if you decide to keep the fragrance.

Acqua di Gioia eau fraiche

So, I’ve checked out and my fragrance is here! Everything is packaged in a pretty black box with two items inside: A decanted vial of Acqua Di Gioia eau fraiche, and the full sized bottle. Spray the perfume on your pulse points, let it dry. Test the fragrance  by taking in 2-3 short, quick inhales. Wear it to work and see if you receive compliments. Ask your significant other or friends what they think. You have 5 days to decide if this fragrance is for you.

If you love it, keep it and your card will be charged. If you are not in love, contact Scentbird for a prepaid shipping label. Return the full sized fragrance (it MUST be sealed in order to return), and keep the vial and pouch.



After trying out the service myself, I had some questions for the people from Scentbird because while I think this is an amazing service, I had some major reservations about receiving the entire bottle.  I also noticed an overlap of some fragrances, and a very small choice of fragrances (I’ve been facilitating this review since June, and since then more fragrances have been added).

Q: What is the point of sending the bottle and the sample vs just a sample to test?

A: We’ve found that consumer really value the convenience of having the bottle.  If they love it- and they mostly do- it is right there and they don’t need to the hassle and wait to having to go back to the website to order the full product.

Q: Is there any reason some scents overlap in each category, like Carolina Herrera 212?

A: Scents often fit more than one category (e.g, Fruity florals are both “fruity” and “floral”), as well as several occasions- our proprietary algorithm leverages reviews from over 300,000 real women to find the scents that fit your desired description.

Q: Will more scents be added to the lineup?

A: Yes- we are constantly evaluating new scents to find the ones that we feel will be the right fit for our customers.  We are currently expanding beyond designer to select niche fragrances as well.


Overall thoughts

I’m in love with Scentbird! Scentbird takes fragrance shopping to a whole new level by allowing you to personally try a fragrance in the comfort of your own home. Fragrance shopping can be very stressful but Scentbird takes that stress element away.

Scentbird prices vary depending on which fragrance you choose. Discover your scent at Browse the site and tell me what fragrance you would try!

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