Sea Lore Ariel And Aquata Swatches


A while back I received samples from the Sea Lore Triton’s Daughters Collection and figured today would be a good day to let you guys check out a few swatches.



Aquata is a blue jelly with silver microglitter and lots and lots of blue irridescent flakes suspended in a jelly base. I used 2 coats above, so it’s still relatively sheer, but it would make for a beautiful topcoat over maybe a black or deeper blue lacquer.


Ariel is a lacquer composed of red square glitter, green glitter, and purple hexagon glitter suspended in a light turquoise flakie base. The red represents Ariel’s hair, the green represents her fin and the purple represents her top (bra? sea shell boobie cover?). Very cute and this can double as a great color to  break out during Mardi Gras.  This is also two coats you see in the photo. I have no complaints about application or the formula itself.

I know a big problem that is going around the Indie Lacquer watercooler is curling glitter. This one looks like it is curling in the bottle, but honestly it’s not. So no worries!


The polishes from Triton’s Daughters collection retails for $5.50 for the 750 mL size and can be found on Sea Lore’s site

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