Open Discussion: Would You Pay $30 For A Nail Lacquer With Real Gold?

opi gold

I wouldn’t……

Sephora has released a clear top coat with real gold flakes suspended throughout. This is the ultimate accessory to match your wedding ring or your favorite bracelet! This lacquer comes with a hefty $30 price tag. Talk about flakies to the extreme…

Would you buy?

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  • Nope. I thought this seemed so cool until I saw the price tag. :/
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  • AbbiGirl

    I bought this back in early June when it first came out and I personally LOVE it! I think its absolutely gorgeous alone or layered and it comes off way easier than regular glitter polish which is just a bonus because I hate getting that stuff off it's such a pain! I know a lot of people don't like it for the pricetag alone but there are plenty of other brands out there that cost $20 for a single bottle of regular polish so I really don't get the fuss over price, it's a specialty item so I'm not worried to pay for it.

    • GGGarbage

      The thing that deters me is the fact that I wont wear it often, not the price tag.

      • AbbiGirl

        Well yes if you're not going to use it much that's def a good reason, I find every excuse to wear mine, over all diff colors and alone, with all gold toes looks great, so yeah I feel I get a ton of use out of it and therefor I guess that makes it worth it, I totally see your point though!! 🙂

  • MzBrownShugah

    I just jumped the hurdle to pay for OPI, Essie and such. I couldn't spend 30 on one bottle. Nope.

  • I would, there were $30 polishes before (Chanel) and I don't mind. But I find this top coat very plain and not worthing it. Paying $30 for Sephora or OPI polish doesn't seem right to me, gold or no gold. I wouldn't buy Sephora eye shadows for the price I can buy Guerlain, same applies to everything else.
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  • No, I wouldn't, but I enjoyed reading about it! 🙂