Spectrum Cosmetics And The Amazing Missing Pigment

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Spectrum Cosmetics (Also known as Sp3ctrum) is a small mineral cosmetics business that’s been around since 2008, according to the copyright information on the site. My knowledge of the brand is not great to be perfectly honest with you, but I read so many tweets about it being a great brand, and the pigments being so wonderful, I figured I would give it a shot.

When I deal with any small company, I always make small purchases first (nothing over $30), so that if things go sour, I wont be out of a huge loss. Pessimistic I know, but that’s just my rule. It saves me a lot of heartache and lost money.

So I ordered 9 pigment samples and them plus the cost of shipping totaled $16.00.  I ordered the samples on March 28 and they were shipped on April 13, so we can assume, because it is not specified anywhere on the site, that the turnaround time is 2-3 weeks? No big deal but I did…in my mind ask ‘why did they take so long’? The are just samples. But again, no big deal. small company.

So I get the package in the mail, well wrapped, protected, no problem there. So I’m missing one pigment… I read the invoice, says it’s on backorder. Considering the time that it took to get the first batch, I was confused. And why not email me that? What if I didn’t read the invoice and I threw it in the trash? So I wait one week, send an email- ‘Is this still backordered? Can you refund me instead? (yes it’s $1 and that’s not the point). Once week later, I get an email from them, saying that my order has been closed. Meaning that my total order was fulfilled. But wait? It wasn’t.

I don’t plan on making a big deal of it, I just figured I would drop a heads up and it makes me wonder if they do this with larger orders. Not to mention the poor communication. If I email you as a paying customer, at the least you or someone from your team should be kind enough to respond. As a consumer, if there’s one thing that you can do to guarantee that I never want your business again, it’s ignore emails.

I will probably post swatches of the shadows later, so stay tuned just in case you are interested.

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