Taylor By Taylor Swift Scented Hair Mist Review

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Taylor By Taylor Swift Scented Hair Mist is a new release from EA Fragrances. If you missed it by some off-chance, I did a review of the fragrance here.  Taylor By Taylor Swift is actually a very nice fragrance it was one of my Fall Favorites, so I was pleasantly surprised that they created a Hair Mist to go with the fragrance.

I honestly do not have a profound admiration for hair mists. Most of them contain alcohol and I am not a fan of using alcohol in my hair, denatured or not. I honestly feel the same way about dry shampoo. It’s very rare that I use it for the same reasons. Nothing beats freshly washed hair.  So this was a product I gladly slid to my daughter.

12 year olds love to smell fun and girly and this was the perfect hair spray for Willow. This scented hair mist smells just like the original fragrance, just lighter. Though this product has denatured alcohol, her hair was not dry after wearing it all day, and though it has silicone, her hair did not product any buildup. But you have to keep in mind that I limited her use to twice a week, so that may be a factor.

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Taylor by Taylor Swift may very well be a pre-teen, teen staple this summer. Snag a bottle at Ulta for $20.

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  • AliceinNappyland

    I love the IDEA of hair mists, but I don’t get why they all need to have such drying alcohols in them -__-. It never plays nice with my hair.