Maybelline Releases FIT Me: The Women Of Color Collection

Women of color collection

It’s the moment I have waited on, a drugstore brand that will address the needs of Women Of Color. Sure there are brands like Iman and Black Radiance that carry products for black women, but brands like L’Oreal, Maybelline, Revlon and many others have always had a shade of foundation for black women, but that does not mean that our needs are being met.

The thing about black skin, women of color skin , is that our skin is very pigmented. Because our skin is so rich, most drugstore foundation brands create foundations that simple cover up or alter our skin tone, and not enhance. And this is where Maybelline’s new line comes into play.


  The Women Of Color Collection by FIT Me promises to be a natural skin fitting foundation, available in 7 deep shades with Fit-To-Tone technology to enhance the skin’s true tones and highlights.

I will update this with pricing and availability as soon as I receive more information.

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  • I’m tempted to try this. Maybelline was my go-to drugstore brand for foundation when I used the Dream Matte Mousse. It would be nice to have an alternative to the $30-$40 foundations I’m using now.

    • GlitteryGlossy

      I’m glad you found them, let me know how it works for you!

  • Tiyana_P

    That’s pretty cool! But just to clarify — they’re adding 7 new shades to the Fit Me line. Fit Me already exists 🙂

    • GlitteryGlossy

      I am aware that Fit Me already exists. Yes, they are adding 7 to the new line, but these will be in a special display which will eventually be integrated into the Fit Me line. So thanks

      • Tiyana_P

        Thanks for the additional info! I’m not trying to challenge you on your blog. The headline just reads as though Maybelline created a whole new product for WOC.

        Anyway, I’ve a FB post scheduled to link to this article. Can’t wait to help spread the word!

        • GlitteryGlossy

          No problem! Thanks for sharing!

  • Taye Nicole

    Hey Aprill! Saw these at my Target, they weren’t in a separate display but already integrated into the existing shelf. I picked up the deepest one (360). I saw powders and concealers as well! Just an FYI, thanks for posting this I’ve been on the hunt for them since I saw this 🙂