Triple G’s Top Three- Fun Summer Scents


Soap & Glory Original Pink Eau de Parfum- With notes of Orange Leaf, Lemon, Peach, Sweet Strawberries, Mandarin, Summer Rose, Gardenia Blooms, Jasmine, Patchouli, Warm Amber, and Lush Musk, you will smell savory, fresh and floral!

Price: $35

Where to Buy: Sephora &



Bath & Body Works® Signature Collection Fine Fragrance Mist in Malibu Heat- Not a perfume gal? No problem! Bath and Body Works redesigned their packaging, and improved their fragrance mist formula and created what I think is the hottest scent of the summer from them- Malibu Heat! This light and fragrant mist contains a summery and sultry blend of juicy pineapple, California orange and creamy coconut milk.

Price: $14

Where to Buy: Bath & Body Works® and




21 Drops 07 Equalize- I’ve been reading a lot about these drops and had to have them! 100% natural oil that helps to ground, support and balance the mind. Packed with sandalwood, palmarosa grass and rose flower, this targeted essential oil fights moodiness by helping to steady the nervous system, and calming the heart and mind. Smell great and calm me down? I’ll take it!

Price: $29

Where to Buy:

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  • I haven't been in Bath and Body works since Malibu Heat came out, I'll have to go in and try it out!