Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Color

Walgreen’s is having a 50% off all Wet N Wild lip products sale this week and you hags bought up all the regular lipsticks. That was fine with me though, because you guys forgot to pick up these Wet n Wild Mega last lipcolors.

These are semi-matte, semi-creme.  These are literally one-swipe lipsticks, you don’t have to go over your lips over and over again. The color is rich, the finish is almost like velvet. No caking, no feathering, no creasing. The color stays on for about 4 hours, less if you pile a gloss on top of it.

I purchased 4 colors, I would have bought them all, but these were the only four colors left.

Swatches from left to right: Smoking hot pink, Stoplight red, Vamp it up, Mauve out of here I only did one swipe of each color

They are regular price at $2.99 which is great but if you get in there by Sunday, they are 50% off.

(I purchased these myself to review)

  • http://cosmeticsaficionado.blogspot.com/ Leticia

    I love these as well. I have two of them!

  • http://banappleart.blogspot.com Lily

    totally want these!!!

  • http://twitter.com/glitteryglossy/status/26749423831 AYEPROH!

    New post on Glitterglossgarbage| Wet n Wild Mega Last lipstick http://bit.ly/aA4Fd0 Please feel free to share. SWATCHES!!!

  • http:/heavencents.blogspot.com Wendy M

    I followed you on facebook and google…will you follow me back?
    Wendy M

  • http://twitter.com/glitteryglossy/status/26837288976 AYEPROH!

    Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Color http://bit.ly/b2UFQD via @AddToAny

  • http://burbbeauty.blogspot.com Lola

    Oo, those look great! I need to check them out the next time I’m at the drugstore.

  • http://accentrugsnow.blogspot.com/ DJ Solo

    Great read…1st visit to this blog. Greatful for sharing. I have to subscribe to this blog. I am a home decorator for a long time. Our home decorating tip of the day is: Please don’t overcrowd a house. Spacing is key. Thanks one more time…

  • http://twitter.com/glitteryglossy/status/5841838594334720 AYEPROH!

    @EthnicFatigue all the colors of the lippies are great!!http://bit.ly/aA4Fd0 (not trying to spam you) there are the ones I bought

  • http://twitter.com/glitteryglossy/status/17020868324491264 AYEPROH!

    Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Color http://is.gd/hUeqD #GGG

  • http://twitter.com/pcfashionista/status/17024607466819584 PCFashionista

    RT @glitteryglossy: Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Color http://is.gd/hUeqD #GGG

  • Joanne_

    i have the mauve and the red, the mauve comes out funny on me tho, i have to try with a liner…

  • http://twitter.com/simplyayeproh/status/50538176313442304 AYEPROH!

    Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Color http://is.gd/3UMHfr #GGG #beauty #makeup

  • http://twitter.com/simplyayeproh/status/61839379894763520 AYEPROH!

    Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Color http://is.gd/3UMHfr #GGG #beauty #makeup

  • http://twitter.com/simplyayeproh/status/101096939239653376 AYEPROH!

    @sumayalina it would be nice to remind me that I have a blog.. LOL http://www.heyaprill.com/beauty/wet-n-wild-mega-last-lip-color/

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  • http://twitter.com/randomlanda/status/114656395017719809 L.

    RT @SimplyAyeproh: @me http://t.co/4zCrp9HR

  • http://twitter.com/simplyayeproh/status/114656421223731200 AYEPROH!

    Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Color – http://t.co/vRMuiiC9 via @Shareaholic

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    Beauty Rewind! : Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Color http://t.co/bw31LAlp #GlitterGlossGarbage

  • Tyari

    These lipsticks r amazing. I love the Stoplight Red, I have a backup of that. Need to get more colors.

  • http://twitter.com/glitteryglossy/status/171925643955683328 GlitterGlossGarbage

    Beauty Rewind! : Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Color http://t.co/CkVQRdkX #GlitterGlossGarbage

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