Sephora can be a tad intimidating. They offer such a wide assortment of luxury brands, the prices can be a tad steep, and unless you have a promo code (which is rare on Sephora unless it’s for a free sample), you probably do like me: e-window shop and go away empty handed. But did you know there are more than a a few affordable options if you can’t afford ‘The real thing’? Walk with me ladies, I’ll give you three products you have not paid attention to:


1. Sephora Pro Bent Eyeliner Brush– Lancome’s is $20. Laura Mercier’s is $20. Smashbox’s is $20. Sephora’s is only $17. This not only saves you $3, but you can rest assured that this brush works just as well as the bigger names.


2. Sephora Brand Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner– My favorite makeup brush cleaner used to be Bare Minerals Quick Change. $18 for a 3.7  ounce bottle is just too high. Sephora Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner works just as well. Yeah you are only saving 4 bucks (Sephora’s is $14) BUT you are getting more. 3.05 ounces more. Sephora’s bottle is 6.75 ounces of quick brush cleaning goodness.


3. Sephora Eyeshadows– These have to be the most slept on eyeshadows ever. They are highly pigmented, beautiful and they are 12 bucks. That’s pretty good considering MAC is $16+ and they go up every single year. Sephora has a wide assortment of colors, finishes and textures. Take for instance the Outrageous Prisma Chrome Metallic Eyeshadow. Laura Mercier sells the Illuminating eye colour for $24 with the same metallic finish. Even worse? Laura Mercier’s shadows from that collection are infamous for sliding clean off the pan. What a waste. Sephora has them on clearance right now for $7. That’s a $13 savings.


Someone page Pink Sith and tell her we have another taupe shadow on our hands (Prisma Chrome, bottom). She will be very excited.


So I saved a few bucks and I was able to save a few more by using I browsed through the Sephora coupon codes and ended up not saving a ton of money, but I got a few extra samples. Samples are awesome too.

Now that we got that out of the way, me and a few beauty blogger friends got together and decided we would give away a $300 gift card to Sephora.  Awesome right? Peep the rafflecopter and good luck! Giveaway starts today and ends 6/21/2013

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