You Don’t Snooze You Lose! 3 Important Reasons You Need Better Beauty Sleep

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You think it’s a coincidence that you need ‘beauty rest’? Think again. Sleep is so vital to the body as a whole, but some of your favorite things about your appearance just wouldn’t be the same without rest. Here’s three reasons why you need your beauty rest, most of them are skin related

1. Night Creams just work better at night– The great debate remains whether or not night creams are even necessary to put on your face, but if by chance you do slather on your favorite cream before bed, experts say that the skin absorbs better while you sleep. In addition, because of all the metabolic processes, you lose moisture. So seal it in with a good night cream! I personally use ROC’s night cream and I wake up to a refreshed, moisturized face!

2. Wanna glow? Sleep!- When you are tired, your blood does not flow well, it’s as sluggish as you are. Getting a good nights rest means lower blood pressure, better circulation, which means you get a nice rosy glow.

3. The body goes into maintenance mode the first three hours of sleep– Again, this is vital to hair and skin. They say for the average person that gets 8 hours of sleep, the first three are dedicated to producing growth hormones, which are vital to hair and skin repair. So make sure you are getting at least 5, 3 for the body to work and a few for the body to rest! Sweet dreams!

And when your beauty fades, you still have your body to take care of. Posture and the positions you sleep in are also important to prevent damage to the muscles in your back, and your spine. I mean really, how beautiful can you be in that sexy black dress if your back is crooked over? Looking for a new bed to maximize your beauty rest? Check out to find the best bed to improve your posture, and give you the best beauty rest ever.

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