Zap Breakouts Dead In Their Tracks With Zapzyt

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Not too long ago, I asked my followers on Twitter what would they do if they had a surprise zit. Surprisingly, the consensus was to cry. Sad, but true. Others shouted out their favorite spot acne treatments and yes, some even said they use toothpaste, even though it was proven years ago that toothpaste is no longer effective because the ingredients have changed.

My personal experience with pimples has changed over the years thanks to hormones. Once a month, right before that time of the month, I get a series of small, red pimples on my face. Nothing major really, and let me just say how grateful I am that it’s just a few pimples and not the vulgar cysts that I used to deal with as a teen, but annoying nevertheless. I can eat all the sugar, dairy and grease I want, but only hormones have a special place in acne’s heart when it comes to my body.

When searching the world-wide web for spot acne treatments, your choices fall into one of two categories- salicylic acid and benzyl peroxide. So here’s your introduction to another brand that features good products for those surprise breakouts. Zapzyt! Keep reading for an overview of their products, and how one product, in particular, became my new BFF.

Zapzyt Acne Wash Cleanser

Zapzyt Acne Wash Cleanser is an oil-free and alcohol-free cleanser that penetrates deep into pores to eliminate blemishes and unclog pores. It contains aloe and chamomile to soothe skin. This cleanser is fragrance-free, dye free and cleansed my skin without leaving that tight, dry feeling.

Zapzyt Acne Treatment Gel

Zapzyt Acne Treatment Gel contains 10% benzoyl peroxide to destroy surprise pimples overnight. Yes, that’s right. Overnight. Simply cleanse your face and add this spot treatment on not only those problematic pimples but areas where pimples and excess oil occurs. Within 5 hours, you’ll notice your unwanted pimple has reduced in appearance, which is always great right?

Zapzyt Pore Clearing Scrub

Zapzyt Pore Clearing Scrub contains 2% salicylic acid and other natural ingredients to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and lift dirt and oil to encourage acne free skin.

Zapzyt Pore Treatment Gel

Zapzyt Pore Treatment Gel, the newest product from Zapzyt contains 2% salicylic acid to moisturize and soothe irritated skin. The formula is water and oil soluble, which means it can cut through greasy skin and attack pimples at the core.

Unlike most acne products, Zapzyt is guaranteed to clear your skin.


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