Another Day, Another Real Gold Lacquer- Zoya Gilty


First it was Sephora By OPI, and OPI allegedly has one on the way, now Zoya has hopped on the bandwagon with a set that honestly makes a little more sense than the one made by Sephora By Opi…

The Zoya Gilty Pleasure Gift Set is a one shot deal, limited edition nail lacquer set that contains three lacquers for thirty bucks- Raven, a black lacquer; Purity, white; and the star of the show, Gilty.


Gilty is an 18 carat gold flakie top coat. This trio comes  packed in a sleek black velvet box.

Pre-orders start right now, and you can purchase the set for $30. The set will ship out 10/15/2012.


Honestly, my stance remains the same. I will not be purchasing. The rent is too damn high and I cannot justify purchasing a lacquer that I will only wear once or twice, and never again. I am becoming far more frugal with my beauty purchases, and this is one splurge that I cant do. $15 is my budget. As time goes on, it will probably end up being lower than that.

Tell me what you think <3


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