Tips for creating a workout routine and sticking to it

Workout routines can be confusing to create and time-consuming trying to get right. Here are some tips to help you create the best workout routine you can and stick with it:

Have a good warm-up

A warm-up should always be at the beginning of any exercise routine.

Your warm-up period should last for around 5 minutes and it is important to include it in your own workout routine as it prepares the muscles for activity, gets the heart pumping and increases blood flow – everything needed for a good workout.

It is also important that you stretch beforehand to prevent any injuries from occurring – and any stitches!

The NHS website has a list of warm-up exercises you can do, which includes walking on the spot, knee lifts, shoulder rolls and more.

Easy and simple, warm-up exercises should always be a part of your routine.

Time is important

Consider how much time you are willing to dedicate to exercise.

Whether it be an hour a day or an hour a week, be honest with yourself as to how much time you are going to dedicate – this will help you plan your whole routine out far easier and faster if you have a time outline already set out.

You can then place certain exercises in certain periods. For example, you can dedicate an hour on Monday to muscle training, or on Thursdays, you can focus on cardio. Whichever time outline you choose, try and fit some exercise in during the week – keeping an exercise diary can help you keep track of any exercise routine and can help you stick to it.

What do you want from your workout?

Really consider what you want from your workouts.

Do you want an all-rounder routine that takes care of cardio, strength, flexibility and balance? Or do you want to focus on a particular body part like your calves?

Knowing exactly what you want from your exercise routine will help you plan everything out in advance which will help you stick to it later down the line.

Consider your goals too. Whether you want to lose weight, strengthen your muscles or generally keep fit – whatever your goal is will determine the exercises you will need to include in your routine.

If you are truly lost as to what is best for you, seek out advice from a doctor or personal trainer. Many people choose to go to boot camps for this very reason as there are trained professionals out there to help you through everything. Prestige Boot Camp have staff that will plan your exercise routines for you as well as offer tailor-made diets – helping you go the extra mile in achieving your fitness goals.

Don’t forget the cool down period

The cool down period is important just like the warm-up.

A cool down reduces heart and breathing rates, cools the body temperature down and returns the muscles to their original form. A cool down also helps prevent fainting and dizziness that can occur due to the lactic acid build-up from exercise.

Never forget to include the cool down period in any of your exercise routines.

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