10 Ways to Look Pretty in Glasses


You have recently begun wearing eyeglasses but you do not feel confident in them because you fear of not looking pretty in your spectacles. Throw those thoughts away! We will tell how to look attractive and regain your self-esteem.

Do not regard your eyeglasses the bitterest enemy but on the contrary consider them as your devoted friend who does its best to help you see better and at the same time not to lose your feminine side. Please, do not worry that your beauty will end once you get a pair of specs. Here we offer 10 ways to look pretty in glasses.

  1. The first step is to fix your eyeglasses in order they fit your face perfectly. They may be adjusted either by hand or by an optician.
  2. The second tip is to pick the right frames. To save your money buy discount glasses frames at Eyeweardock.com. You will be satisfied with the quality and the service.
  3. The third piece of advice is to make sure your eyeglasses are regularly cleaned. Wash your spectacles with microfiber cleaning cloth.
  4. Look after your brows as they will stand out when you come to the point of wearing spectacles. So, do not forget to take care of your brow shape and your eyeglasses will never spoil your good-looking appearance.
  5. Another way to look pretty in glasses is to use concealer in order to hide your dark circles which will be highlighted with your spectacles.
  6. One more step is to curl your lashes in order to provide the visual effect of open eyes by applying volumizing mascara. People will, definitely, be impressed by your big beautiful eyes.
  7. The correctly chosen eyeshadow will also help your eyes stand out and be noticed by others. Think thoroughly about the color of your eyeshadow as it should be complimentary to the color of your frame. Rodenstock eyeglass frames have a broad assortment of colors. For example, go for blue eyeshadow if your frames are brown. But if you prefer classics apply neutral colors of eyeshadow to keep you look natural.
  8. A useful piece of advice to make your eyes look brighter is to use grey or dark brown eyeliner and you will, certainly, look just great!
  9. Another way to look pretty in glasses is to remember about your lips as well. The color of your lipstick should depend on the color of your frames. If you wear colored frames stick to gloss or matte lipstick in order not to make your face overfull with colors. If your frames are classically brown or black colors our suggestion will be to apply pink or red lipstick to provide a contrast.
  10. The final tip is to make your hairstyle add to your look. Long loose hair, short hair in bob hairstyle will make you admired by men and envied by women.

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