19 Interesting 19th Century Slang Terms + Enter To Win DIAMONDS

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The 19th Century was an interesting time. Empires collapsed, electronics were born, football and baseball were being created, and Doc Holliday was keeling over from Tuberculosis. The 19th century was a busy time, but that didn’t stop a little slang from emerging from all the hustle and bustle. To celebrate the premiere of FX Taboo, I’ve rounded up 19 of the most interesting 19th Century Slang terms.

  1. Apple Dumplin Shop- a woman’s chest
  2. Crinkum crankum- Vagina
  3. Back slang it- Run out the back door
  4. Bags’ O Mystery- Sausage
  5. Church Bell- a chatty woman
  6. Demanders for glimmer or fire, bawdy baskets, morts, autem morts, walking morts, doxies, delles, kinching morts, kinching goes-  a group of women
  7. Doing the bear- hugging while dating
  8. Gas Pipes- tight pants
  9. Dilberries- (we are going to skip this one)
  10. Gilly Gaupus- A tall, lanky fellow
  11. Knuckle one’s wipe- steal someone’s handkerchief
  12. Melting moments- A fat man doing… ‘it’
  13. Mutton Shunter- Policeman
  14. Twiddle-Diddles- testicles
  15. Poked up- embarrassed
  16. Rain napper -umbrella
  17. Sauce Box- mouth
  18. Take the egg- win!
  19. Whopperups- Noisy singers
Source credit: Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue

Weren’t those interesting? Now when you get ready for the premiere of Taboo, if you hear any of those words (and I’m sure you will), you will know exactly what they mean.



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23 thoughts on “19 Interesting 19th Century Slang Terms + Enter To Win DIAMONDS

  1. The Mani Café

    sounds like an interesting series! i had heard of some of these terms before but not all of them!


  2. Ehmkay Nails

    I’m going to have to tune in after all your posts!


  3. Kristi Vasquez

    I love the slang! I may have to bring back some of those terms! HAHA


  4. Hey Sharonoox

    Can’t wait to watch the movie now! It’s interesting that they’re bring back the 19th century slang.


  5. Taya Elery

    I must say this is an interesting intro, lol. Of these, I have actually heard “Church Bell” and “Sauce Box”. Taboo looks intriguing. This definitely looks like something I’d tune into. I can’t wait for this to come out.


  6. Painted Fingertips

    Wow… those are some interesting slang terms, haha!


  7. Censie 'Mumby' Sawyer

    Looks like a great movie but wow some of these terms are a bit…interesting! lol. I am totally sharing this post with my husband, he will want to try to use these terms in his normal days! LOL!


  8. My Nail Polish Obsession

    There is no way I would remember what any of those terms meant if I heard them while watching the show.


  9. HoneyTrek Anne

    Love the language decoder–helpful for the show for sure! So crazy the old-time word associations….gas pipes for tight pants lol. I’m not sure if some of the chauvinistic slang was better or worse then, but definitely interesting!


  10. Catalina @ Peas & Peonies

    An useful article. Very interesting! For sure when I’ll watch Taboo it will be easier to understand. I love English, ii is a rich language full of interesting words combination. Thanks for your article.


  11. Valerie CottageMakingMommy

    I’m cracking up. Some of those terms are funny. I would watch Taboo looks interesting. I need to bookmark your page so I can print off the terms when I watch it.

    Happy New Year


  12. marciaf

    I should start using some of those terms since my 5 year old grandson loves to learn things he’s never heard before. Fun giveaway.


  13. Naked Without Polish

    Sucks I don’t have FX this show intrigues me.


  14. Kristy

    I am DYING over the old time slang terms! And we think it is hard to understand how our teenagers talk. Can you imagine someone picking up this slang? LOL Anyway, Taboo sounds like a great show that I would find myslef lost in for hours.


  15. Stacie Wacie

    I love old forgotten slang words. It’s amazing how language evolves.


  16. Aileen Adalid | iAmAileen.com

    Haha! This is SO interesting! Speaking of which, I might just use some of these phrases to confuse my friends LOL. Thanks for sharing these!


  17. Stacie Arker Hamilton

    Oh my gosh, too funny with those slang things! I need to share them with my family!! And who doesn’t need new diamonds?! 🙂


  18. Emily Draher • Casual Contrast

    Diamonds…yes!! And, Apple Dumplin Shop….best term ever 😉


  19. Nik

    Haha, the old slang terms are hilarious! Definitely wishing I had FX!


  20. CosmetopiaDigest.com

    That’s fun! I have to use some of those LOL. If they lock me away or look at me strangely, I’ll make sure to direct the traffic your way!


  21. Jennifer Sikora

    This really looks like a great show that I can find myself getting sucked into. During the winter months, most of my shows are on hiatus so finding a new one to get engrossed in is perfect for me. PLUS — who doesn’t want to win diamonds?


  22. Shipra Taneja

    Love learning slang from different time periods – it’s so fascinating. 🙂


  23. Anastasia

    Fabulous roundup! Funny how the slang terms look kinda cute and more refined than the modern ones 🙂


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