I Took The 23andMe Ancestry Test, Here’s 23 Things It ‘Revealed’ About Me

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Back in October, I celebrated women’s wellness with Babblebox that included a 23andMe DNA test. I’ve always had questions about my ancestry, I wanted to know where I came from. I don’t know much about the ancestral makeup of my family on either side, or the things that make me who I am since I have a not so great relationship with the people on my father’s side of the family, and my most of my mother’s family is not close in proximity to us.  Here are 23 things about me that I discovered thanks to 23andMe!


The 23andme kit comes equipped with everything you need to take a saliva sample, including a label to ship it back off to the lab.

While you wait for your sample to be analyzed, they ask health questions (totally optional) to get more insight into who you are. The site also keeps you updated on the entire analyzation process, so you know what they are doing with your sample always. Then one day, out of nowhere, you will receive an email that your report is ready! Here are 23 things about me that I discovered thanks to 23andMe!

1I am 68.2% West African

2. I am 23.9% European

3. I am 1.5% East Asian and Native American

4. I can digest lactose like a champ

5. I prefer savory snacks

6. My maternal lineage descends from Coastal Western Africa

7. I’m not likely to be able to smell the asparagus metabolite in my pee

8. I have fewer Neanderthal variants than 99% of 23andMe customers

9. I break down alcohol normally

10. I’m likely to consume slightly more caffeine than your average person

11. Based on my DNA, I have fast twitch muscles, so I’d do well as a sprinter

12. I have little to no unibrow (duh, I know)

13. I am not likely to have a widow’s peak

14. I am likely to have straight or wavy hair (but I don’t)


15. I was likely to be born with lots of hair (all my children were born with full heads of hair as well)

16. I am likely to have a longer ring finger than index finger (correct!)

17. Per my DNA, I am likely to have darker skin (But I don’t)

18. Also, I am not likely to have lots of freckles (But I do)

19. I am likely to have wet earwax (lol)

20. I am likely to have dark colored eyes (correct!)

21. I am likely to have detached earlobes

22. I am likely to have a longer big toe than my second toe (I don’t)

23. I do not carry the genes of any rare genetic disorders (yay)

It was interesting, to say the least. I had no idea the consistency of your earwax was a genetic trait. 23andMe predicted a few things that were not correct, like my freckles, my skin tone, my toes, and my hair’s curl pattern.  While a few of the trait profiles were not accurate, 23andMe claims the ancestry profile is accurate.  Ancestry percentages are derived from their system that provides you with ancestry estimates down to the 0.1%.

23andMe’s Ancestry profile retails $99; the Health + Ancestry profile retails $199. Order here.

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16 thoughts on “I Took The 23andMe Ancestry Test, Here’s 23 Things It ‘Revealed’ About Me

  1. Kristi Vasquez

    How fun! I ordered this a few weeks ago for my husband and I and they are still sitting on my coffee table. LOL. I’m waiting until I feel really drooly. 🙂 Now i’m excited to see if my ear wax is along the same lines! LOL


  2. Polished Hippy

    Interesting idea! No one in my family has done a test like this that I am aware of.


  3. Melissa

    My husband did one of these a couple months ago and we were shocked at his results. His grandmother was aboriginal but nothing showed up in his blood.


  4. Nik

    I’ve always wanted to do one of these, because I’ve never met my biological father so I know nothing about that side of my family. I may try it out soon!


  5. Honeygirlk

    I’ve been eyeing this kit for a while now, and I think it would be great to have for my reference as well as my kids


  6. Nina at Model City

    This is so cool!!!! I should totally do this!!!


  7. Erika

    This is so fascinating. I kind of want to do this and see what I “am.”

    Wet ear wax? lol


  8. Stepford Witch

    I’ve been wanting to try ancestry testing ever since hearing about it. Thanks for the review!


  9. My Nail Polish Obsession

    Isn’t it so interesting?! I had it done also and was surprised by the results. Maybe I should do a post too!


  10. Ehmkay Nails

    Part of my wants to try these ancestry tests but then again, many of the questions answered are things I don’t need to know (lol on the ear wax!)


  11. Naked Without Polish

    This is really cool! Some of the facts they told her you were a little silly though. For that much I’d like to be told more than what I can look in the mirror to see…or that I am likely to have wet ear wax. haha


  12. Shipra Taneja

    This is really cool!! I wish it had more facts, though… the wet ear wax fact is not really helpful to learning more about yourself he he! 🙂


  13. Emily Draher • Casual Contrast

    This is so so fascinating. I know very little about my genetic ancestry, so I’d be interested in trying this!


  14. Beautometry

    Very interesting!


  15. Becca Faceache Catlett

    This is so interesting, I laughed so much at the earwax one! x


  16. FairyTales Nails

    Wow this is really interesting it’s amazing how much our dna can tell us x


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