3 Key Ways that Fashion is About Much More than Clothes

When you think about fashion, your mind might understandably go to clothing. After all, fashion shows feature models strutting down the runway in the latest and greatest styles, and fashion magazines typically highlight what types of outfits will be most popular in the upcoming seasons.

But when you think about it a bit more, fashion really goes well beyond clothing. The term can include a number of other things, including cosmetics, accessories, and jewelry—all of which will contribute to your overall fashion sense.

For example, please consider the following examples:

Dramatic Eye Makeup is Definitely a Fashion Statement

If you adore the look of dark eyeliner with smoky eye shadow and plenty of lush mascara, that is definitely part of your personal fashion and style. Your makeup can complement the outfits you wear, helping to draw attention to your face as well as your great clothing. If you are in the market for some new makeup to help you pull your entire look together, consider giving Amway a try. If that suggestion has you thinking “Wait—what does Amway sell these days? I didn’t know they sold cosmetics!” you might want to check out their YouTube video that explains all about the company and its many lines of products, including Artistry Studio cosmetics. For instance, Amway’s Lash Boosting 3-in-1 Mascara rivals anything you can find at the priciest makeup counter; it features a multi-faceted brush that volumizes your lashes and gives you that sultry and fashionable look you adore.

Fashion is Art

Rather than thinking about clothes for their function—like a warm hoodie on a chilly day or a pair of supportive athletic shoes for a brisk walk around the neighborhood—you can also think about your duds as a type of art. Art is not just an oil painting or sculpture in a museum—art is in the music we listen to, the words we read and the clothes that we wear on our “blank canvas” of a body. When you look at fashion that way, it’s easier to see clothing as an extension of your personality and as a work of art, rather than merely something to wear to work or the grocery store. In addition, fashion can also help to inspire others. If you wear a T-shirt with a slogan on it like “Girl Power,” fashion becomes a way to show your support of other women and express your opinions.

Accessories Help Complete the Look

You can be wearing the most amazing and fashionable outfit that is in a perfect color for you and is incredibly flattering, but if you don’t add a stylish purse, bold pair of earrings or large pair of sunglasses, you might feel like your outfit is not quite complete. Accessories like these, while not considered clothing per se, are as important to your fashion sense as your amazing dress and boots. Accessories can help you to take an outfit and figuratively make it your own, and people will definitely take note of your great look and compliment you on your great sense of fashion.

When it Comes to Great Fashion, Think Outside of the Hat (and Clothing) Box

Yes, clothing is definitely a part of fashion. But as you can see, the term is much broader than perhaps you realized and can encompass your makeup, jewelry, beliefs and feelings. So if you always thought you weren’t much for fashion, your designer sunglasses, large handbag and bright red lipstick indicate otherwise—and that’s definitely pretty cool.  

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