3 Tips to Help You Get Started in the Beauty Industry

As a little girl, you begged your mom to let you try on her lipstick and mascara — and she has the hilarious pictures to prove it. As a teen you loved to hang out at the beauty counters in department stores, and when your friends were reading articles about the latest heartthrob actors and singers, you had your face buried in beauty magazines.

Now that you are older and working full time, you realize that you still have a passion for beauty. You have been daydreaming about working in the industry and getting paid to do what you love. Fortunately, there are tangible steps you can take to fulfill your dream and start a career in the beauty industry. Here are a few to get you started.

1. Look into getting trained and certified

One of the best ways to launch your new career in the beauty industry is to take care of any and all training and certifications. As Academic Courses notes, signing up for a couple of general beauty industry courses will give you a good overview of modern trends and applications, as well as advice about business management skills; these classes will help you narrow down which type of specific career you would like to pursue. Once you decide what you want to do, look into getting trained and certified in those skills. Since you are already working, you might want to look into online courses that you can do on your own time.

One word of advice, you may wish to choose an area of expertise that is especially popular right now, this can help you land jobs when your training is complete. Lash extensions, for instance, is a super hot beauty trend that you can get certified to do. If this sounds appealing to you, check online for volume lashes for sale in a variety of styles so you can practice at home and in class.

2. Start networking and reaching out for opportunities

To get started into the beauty industry, you are going to have to do some networking. As Recruiter notes, one way to get started is to visit the websites of the brands you love and look at their “Career” sections; you might find local openings that interest you and that you could apply for. You can also speak with beauty advisors at department stores and attend local industry networking events, job fairs, and seminars. Get some business cards printed up with your desired beauty industry job, something like “Jane Smith, Certified in Lash Extensions” and hand out as many cards as you can at these events.

3. Launch a side hustle and turn your dreams into reality

Once you have completed your training and earned all the necessary certifications, hopefully, one of your new contacts will offer you a job. You can also take matters into your own hands and earn valuable experience at the same time by starting your own side business; this is especially good advice if you are not financially ready to give up your day job. Set up a home salon and take clients on evenings and weekends — you might find you get a steady stream of “special event” clients like girls going to school dances and brides to be. You can also look into renting a small space in salon like L’Image, which rents spaces to a variety of entrepreneurs in the beauty industry.

When it comes to a new career in the beauty industry, you have the passion. Now, you need to focus on turning those goals into reality by getting any and all necessary training and skills, networking and looking for a place to hang your beauty shingle. It will take some time and effort, but you have what it takes to get there.


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