3 Vigorous Tips To Find Victory Over Your Vices


We all have vices. Some of us might be too quick to anger. Some might find an interest in gambling. Some might be unfortunately stuck with a substance abuse issue. It might be that you drink too much, or smoke too much. It might be you’re simply unable to keep a good health habit up for any longer than two or three weeks. It might be that you’ve found it easy to let your social relationships degrade over time. You might not put forth any effort to resolve your stress.

All of these issues affect who we are. While we might not want to become defined by them, they can often take from us while giving nothing back. Some can be hard to unravel, and might be a symptom rather than the cause. However, no matter what afflicts you, if you’re diligent enough and manage to fake the good habits until you make it, you can certainly make powerful positive progress for victory over your vices.

How so? With these practices:


Change Your Thinking

Often the thing that brings us back to our vices is our habitual ease of doing so. Once a set pattern of behaviour becomes a normal part of your life, you will often find it takes much less effort to repeat that behavior. Fortunately, getting over this is best served when building the new, and not finding the old. Try and find better things to do with your time. It might be that instead of heading for that cigarette, you do a few press ups and use your nicotine cleansing product. It might be that you try to focus on your bank balance the more you indulge in this hobby. You might listen to those telling you to give it up for once. You might take a chance on local therapies offered by medical professionals. All of these efforts can go a long way in making sure you take care of yourself, and small gains will stack up to impressive long term solutions.


Remove Yourself From The Problem

Removing yourself from the temptation of the issue can be an excellent method of starting your new habitual cycle. It might mean throwing out all of the alcohol in your house, or never allowing a package of cigarettes to cross the threshold again. It might mean limiting friendships with people who contribute in a negative manner to your life. It might mean throwing out all the junk food in your fridge and committing to a meal prep sunday, wherein you freeze all of your goods.


Find What You Care About

It might be that you take inspiration from things that allow you to steward a more promising emotional core. By this we mean you might find your reasons for quitting smoking, such as considering how your passive smoke might affect your children, or how an ill health effect could one day take you from them via this vice. Journaling about your cares and taking your vices to the longest logical step can help you think in the long term, and begin to prune bad behaviors that you should stop indulging in.

With these vigorous tips to find victory over your vices, you should find some success.

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