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Welcome to my 30 Days Of Pink! I know that you have probably been curious why I say 30 and not 31? It’s simple. I don’t plan to publish any Breast Cancer Awareness posts on October 31, it’s just too morbid for me personally. That’s not telling anyone else what to do though.

Another thing that I want to get out there- I fully understand that some companies that I may feature may have bad intentions in your opinion. I understand that some of these cosmetic companies make beauty products that you believe contain chemicals that cause cancer. You call it being aware, I call it victim blaming- telling the millions of women that have died and are currently suffering from breast cancer, that it’s their fault because they used this product, or they ate this yogurt, because they did this or used that.

I just want to show you pink, I just want you to be aware. We have to work towards a cure, and put everything else behind us- the negativity only makes the path to our goal cloudy.

Here’s my pink item of the day- Laura Mercier Nude Pink Crème Lip Print.



They have not updated their site yet (September was Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month), but I’m sure they will feature an item or two in which they will donate 100% of all proceeds to Breast Cancer Research. http://www.lauramercier.com

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2 thoughts on “30 Days Of Pink- Laura Mercier Nude Pink

  1. Tamara

    That's a gorgeous shade of pink. I don't think I've ever looked at Laura Mercier's lip products.. will definitely have a peek next time.
    My recent post Breast Cancer Awareness


  2. In-The-Red Nails

    Love what you said in your post and that is a really pretty pink!
    My recent post National Breast Cancer Awareness Month


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