4 Stylish Basics For Summer

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Style, you either have it, or you don’t. This isn’t strictly true, as style is something you feel and exude, and it isn’t reserved for just a few of the rich and famous. Style is an essence that you might have to work hard to achieve, although having said this, sometimes style is in the very small and subtle details that an untrained eye could easily miss. It’s hard to put your finger on why someone is just so cool and fashionable – they’ve got a certain look, and they’re owning it. Unlock your potential this summer by following tried and tested methods to reach high in the style stakes.


Stay up to date with technology crazes, and surf the internet and magazines for ideas of how you can boost your street credibility. With summer in mind, think about gearing your search to look for outside massage chairs, an electric paddleboard, a solar powered and paneled backpack so that you can enjoy hiking expeditions and not have to worry about your gadgets and devices running out of battery. You could consider vape pens and accessories to relax outside in the summer sun, found at RedJuice, or perhaps an electric underwater scooter, and waterproof music systems and soundbars.

Closet Contents

Trends are changing all the time, but some classic pieces of stylish wear stay the same. Take the little black dress, or the white cotton t-shirt, for example. You’ll want to feel confident and classy in your clothes, but you’ll also need to feel cool. When selecting items for your summer closet, think about what’s going to keep you from overheating, so, with this said, try and avoid heavy and man-made material like denim, nylon, viscose, and polyester, and instead opt for cotton and some silks.

The Bedroom

As summer rolls around, evening temperatures can become a problem as you’re trying to sleep. To try and combat this, invest in high quality, high thread count Egyptian cotton bedclothes. Egyptian cotton feels soft and sleek and can add classic elegance and style to the boudoir. Change your duvet for a thinner one, and consider just sleeping in the sheets if you’re having difficulty cooling down. Consider purchasing a Bluetooth ventilation fan and set it up in your bedroom, or have one installed above in the ceiling to allow air to filter around the entire room.

Fun In The Sun

Your backyard is the perfect place to host summer evening parties, and to hold BBQ’s with close friends and family. There’s a good chance it’ll need a spruce up beforehand, so don your finest gardening gloves and greenest of thumbs, and get to work to create a serene and stylish place that you can feel cool and calm relaxing in. Mow the lawn, cut down branches that might be obscuring the view of the garden, and decorate the space using solar powered lamps that stick into the ground, some fairy-lights, colorful paraffin wax candles, and a comfortable seating area with a small table to lay down food and drinks down.

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