4 Ways to Keep Your Garden Dog-Friendly

Two of the most popular things in the world are gardens and pets, so if you are lucky enough to have both, then you will know that dogs especially love being outside in the garden. However, if you are a new pet owner, there are things you should be doing before you let your dog loose in the garden. You want to make sure that your dog and your garden are going to be happy together.


One thing that dogs love to do is dig, but this can be disastrous for your garden. So, before you let your new friend outside in the garden, make sure that you have some robust plants that can cope with the odd dig. Larger plants are less likely to be affected by your dog than smaller ones, but if you don’t want larger plants, then putting a cage around the most vulnerable will help them. You also need to be checking if any of the plants in your garden are poisonous to dogs, if there are any, they should be replaced by safe plants. If you are not sure what plants are best, then sites such as My Gardening Network can give you some ideas.


Your fence will be the only thing between your dog and the outside world, so you need to make sure that it is secure and undamaged. Bigger dogs, in particular, can sometimes jump smaller fences, so you may have to get a taller fence or extend its height with wire mesh. Most dogs are also highly intelligent, so don’t think that a small hole in the fence will be missed, it is better to get it fixed then have them escape.

Creating Shade

In the summer, your dog will love to play outside in the garden, but they might also want to lay outside and enjoy the fresh air. That is why it is important that you create some shade in the garden for them to use if they become too hot. You can create the shade using plants and trees, or you can put up a small tent in the garden for them to use as the temperature rises. Having a bowl of water in the shaded area is also an important idea.

Create Solid Paths

If you don’t have a specific path in your garden, then this might be why your dog is running through your flower beds. Dogs love to follow paths, so if there isn’t an obvious one, they will find any gaps that they can walk through. Create a path using slabs instead of stones as dogs love to dig them and block any paths you see in the flower bed with more plants. The two things together should keep your dog happy.

Having a garden that your dog will love to play in and one that can withstand their jumping and running means that you can all enjoy your garden together when the summer comes around.


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