4D Motion With It: Eve Micro Sonic Care Review, Photos

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Eve Micro Sonic Care is a beauty tool similar to Clarisonic and Spa Sonic used for facial cleansing. Unlike other skin cleansing brushes, Eve features 4D motion-top, bottom, left and right vibration technology to clean the skin even better than the competition. Keep reading for photos, and a full review

Eve is packaged in a pretty pink box that includes Eve, a pink colored brush with silver trim and lettering, one brush head, and sponge head. Eve takes two AAA batteries.

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Eve (the unit) is waterproof and ergonomic which makes using it in the shower simple. Eve takes batteries (two AAA) rather than use a charging station which is a plus for me because it makes for easy storage and makes it easy to travel with. I’m a forgetful soul, I can’t imagine leaving home with my skin care brush and leaving a charging station behind. This would render it useless. With batteries, I can stop just about anywhere and pick them up!

Eve brush head

The brush head features microbristles which are processed at a width of 0.008mm. This is a good thing because it makes for a deeper clean to remove all dirt, oil, debris and dead skin. There are 97,000 bristles on the brush head and they are super soft.

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The sponge head is awesome for deeply massaging creams and serums into the skin. You could also use it to apply foundation but I found it to apply streaky.

My overall thoughts about Eve? I love it.  The bristles on the brush head are super soft, the 4D vibration is so wonderful and relaxing. My skin is clean and soft when I’m done.

I do have one complaint: brush head replacement. They suggest replacing after about 6 months and that’s great but, where am I supposed to buy the replacement brushes from? I checked h2Pro’s site, and this is their product and they are not there.  So after six months, I could not use it anymore. I checked Amazon and Ebay to no avail. Honestly, as good as this brush is, it’s useless once you need to replace the head.

Eve retails for $159.99, but you can snag it on Hairproductspro.com for $89.99.  They offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are  not in love.

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