5 Fashion Accessories You Need for the Holidays

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The holidays are one of my favorite times of the year. I get to wear amazing, outrageous clothes, I get invited to all kinds of parties, and everyone’s working extra hard to be merry and bright. One of my favorite parts of holiday planning is finding new accessories to wear to make the season special. Although you can buy as many holiday accessories as you want — and trust me, I’ve bought them all — here are the five essential fashion accessories you need for the holiday season.

1. A great chunky necklace and earring set

Us bigger girls need our jewelry to pop. That tiny little gemstone on a silver chain isn’t going to cut it. For your holiday parties and festive soirees, invest in some big baubles.

Whether you go chest-length or lavalier-style probably depends on what you’re wearing and how the necklace falls against your body. The last thing you want is for your pendant to appear as if it’s hanging off a cliff. Likewise, with the right foundation garments, a shorter necklace snuggled into your curves can have great impact. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to get the big, bold earrings to match!

If you want to go full holiday-themed, there are plenty of Santas, Rudolphs, and Christmas trees to dangle around. Otherwise, a nice string of chunky red textured beads is always nice, and you can keep wearing it after the holidays.

2. A holiday phone case

I love my bling, and there’s nothing more fun than pulling out my phone and having someone ask me “where did you GET that case?” I like having a new phone case for every season, and am searching for a few new custom iPhone cases right now for the holidays. I really like the one that says “I’m on the nice list.” I might get a “Naughty is the new nice” one too, just so I can switch them out depending on my mood.

3. A winter cape

Trust me. One year you’re going to have a new significant other who is going to buy you tickets to The Nutcracker or The Messiah or A Christmas Carol, and you are going to look smashing when you set foot in the symphony hall wearing your winter cape. If you don’t believe me, look at this amazing gallery of capes that Marie Claire just posted.

A winter cape also works well for Midnight Mass, Christmas-tree lightings, and any other event that’s just a little formal. The best thing about a cape like this is that you only need to buy it once; it will last forever and always be in your size.

4. The perfect hat

The perfect hat makes your face look great, doesn’t squish your hair, keeps you warm, and matches all of your coats. If you’re like me and you usually wear a dark peacoat, a cheery red beret is often the perfect hat for the holiday season. If you switch out between a work-appropriate peacoat and a casual ski jacket, for example, you might need two perfect hats. It’s okay. There can be many, many perfect hats.

5. The secret sock

There’s nothing like going to one of those house parties where you have to take off your shoes, and removing your calf-length boots (assuming you were able to find those elusive wide-calf ones) to reveal amazing holiday socks. I’m talking about crazy socks with toes, socks with glittery Christmas trees or colorful menorahs, socks with Rudolph where his nose actually lights up. Just like with the phone case, your goal is to take off your shoes and have people say “Wow! Where did you get those?”

If you add these five accessories, you can transform your everyday winter fashion into the perfect holiday wardrobe. Then you can walk through your winter wonderland fully aware that you are the best dressed girl on the street!

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  1. Susie Angelo

    Great post! I had to giggle cause I just ordered two new blingy cases for my phone. A girl can never have enough sparkle, right?!


    1. GlitteryGlossy

      Correct! The more glitter the better!!


  2. SangeetaSharma

    Nice post! All the 5 tips on Fashion accessories nice and readable. I think its help us to understand many things about. Thank you so much.

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