5 Personal Gifts That Every Guy Needs

Trying to figure out the best gift for someone you love isn’t always easy. There are so many options in the stores that it can be difficult to narrow down which ones are the best to buy. Most people like to veto household gifts – there’s nothing more 1950’s than getting a blender for a birthday. They also like to ask for cash, as sometimes it’s easier to just buy what they want instead of waiting for someone to figure it out.

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As it happens, one of the best gifts you can buy is a personal one. Personal meaning hygiene rather than personalised. Think about it, designer perfumes and aftershaves, body wash sets and makeup gifts; personal hygiene gifts fly off the shelves every year for every occasion. When it comes to shopping for men, a personal hygiene gift can be an excellent one to give. Aftershave is expensive, and bottles of that at Christmas and on his birthday, can make his wallet a lot fatter as he won’t have to pay for it himself. Sure, these won’t be the only gifts that you buy, with the choices of gadgets and vouchers still readily available. However, they make an excellent addition to a Christmas present pile. We’ve put together five of the best personal hygiene gifts out there so that you’ve got a choice on your next occasion.

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  1. If the man in your life is conscious of his skincare and more on the metrosexual side, he will love this Kiehl’s Jeremyville Age Defender Set. Moisturiser, serum and eye repair kit are the holy trinity your man needs for his anti-aging needs. This is one of those bathroom gifts that every man will love and actually use, which is a major bonus.
  2. There’s nothing more delicious than the smell of new aftershave on a man, and it’s for that reason yours will love this Comme Des Garcons Eau De Parfum pocket collection. With four popular scents, your man can change up his whenever he likes and when that big date night rolls around, he will be smelling gorgeous thanks to you!
  3. Shaving is a contentious issue for all men, especially those who don’t change out the disposable heads of their razors. There’s nothing worse than trying to shave with a blunt razor; shaving burn, anyone? Check out the range on iwantashaver.com and pick an electric deity that will look wonderful in his bathroom. That clean-shaven look can last so much longer with the right equipment.
  4. Does your man prefer to bypass a shave and go for the trimmed beard look? Good, because this Herbivore Botanicals Beard Tonic set is just the ticket. No-shave November has just become far more interesting with a clean, trimmed and tamed beard!
  5. A man who travels for work is a man who needs a travel kit that will withstand different climates. This means looking into the best Molton Brown travel toiletries kits so that your skincare is as sophisticated as your business trip!


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