5 Tips To Support And Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle


Living a healthy lifestyle can be hard to achieve and even more difficult to maintain. However, it does have its benefits, and with less than 3 percent of Americans living a healthy lifestyle according to a shocking new study done by Mayo Clinic Proceedings, now is the time to get proactive about your health.

You’ve probably heard the advice before: Eat well and exercise regularly to maintain good health. But what else can you do to not only make it enjoyable and easier on yourself to keep up, but ensure that living healthy becomes a lifestyle? Let’s take a look at a few quick tips you can incorporate everyday.

1. Stock Up on H2O

Staying hydrated is a huge contributor to advanced weight loss and a generally healthier lifestyle. Not only does drinking enough water keep your body more energized and active, but it can keep your skin fresh and boost your brain function and alertness. Getting your two liters per day in also allows your body to flush out toxins, and accelerates weight loss by boosting your metabolism and keeping your stomach full so you take in fewer calories.

2. Support Your Health With Appropriate Supplements

While all the needed vitamin and minerals can be found in food, it can be difficult to cover all your bases in every meal. Vitamin supplements are a great way to provide your body with that extra little bit of support and ensure that you are in fact staying healthy. Try visiting your local vitamin store to get advice on what’s best, or even follow Amway on social media; they have great information on vitamins and other healthy living tips.

3. Pick Healthier Snacks

You may have heard that snacking is the enemy of weight loss. But it’s normal to feel hungry between meals and ignoring hunger can slow your metabolism, which can be even worse for you weight loss goals. Instead of avoiding snack time, either morning or afternoon, try swapping out the regular chips and cookies for healthier options like fruit, nuts, granola bars or carrots with hummus.

4. Find a Workout Buddy

It’s no secret that exercise can sometimes seem tedious, which may even deter us from getting it done. Finding a workout buddy is a great long-term solution to keep you motivated, and ensure you enjoy exercise enough to make it part of your lifestyle. Whether you have one or a few workout friends, try and pick someone who has similar goals to you and a positive attitude, and keeps your meet-ups regular so that your activity is consistent.

5. Take Advantage of Workout Apps

The great thing about living in today’s time is that there are so many digital solutions out there to help us with various activities. Workout apps, in particular, come in so many forms, and can be a great way to stay on track, find helpful information and even feel like you’re part of a community. Whether you’re looking for good workout music, a place to keep a fitness journal or useful workouts and information, there is an app out there to help you so make sure you advantage of this extra support.

Eating healthy and exercising is a vital part of staying healthy, but can sometimes be difficult to maintain on a regular basis. Whether you have ‘cheat days’ or feel a little lazy, try incorporating some of these tips in your everyday life to give yourself that extra support to stay on track and live a healthier lifestyle.


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Aprill Coleman is an award-winning beauty, lifestyle and wellness blogger and freelance writer based in Jackson, Mississippi.

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