5 Ways to De-stress After a Long Week

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It’s easy to get stressed out with the nature of our busy lives. It could be something like getting stuck in a major traffic jam, or the mounting bills on the table. One thing that we can do to reduce stress is to take some time out for ourselves. When we feel at ease, our minds are more focused, leaving less room for mistakes and added problems. So if you want to know how, read on to find some top tips for unwinding.


Book Yourself a Massage

The ultimate way to indulge in some luxury down time is with a therapeutic massage. It’s a great way to relieve tension and stress, leaving your muscles feeling relaxed and light. You’ll find that your flexibility and blood circulation has also greatly improved. Swedish massages are particularly known for their soothing, detoxifying effects. Book yourself in for a full body experience on weekend, and come away feeling floaty, revived and alive.

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Soak Up Your Stress

With our busy schedules finding that time to relax can be difficult. Sometimes a good long soak in the bath is all you need to melt away those anxieties. Listen to your breathing and take deep breaths in and out, while you lay back. Mix in some  essential oils, turn on the radio and zone out as the stresses of the day leave your body. You could even try playing a CD of natural sounds to help you unwind. Light a scented candle and let the ambiance lift you into a moment of total bliss. After fifteen minutes you’ll be feeling reenergized and in control again.

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A Walk Through Nature

Nature has an enchanting way of calming our bodies and clearing our minds. It is the purest form of meditation and shouldn’t be underestimated. Even spending just five minutes surrounded by nature is enough to reduce stress. Whether it’s a stroll by the river, or walking your dog in the woods. The sights and sounds of wildlife have a definite calming effect. This is the perfect time to just live in the moment and clear your mind of all your thoughts. Take in your surroundings and appreciate the natural world for all the beauty it has to offer.



Every time you feel yourself getting stressed, try some breathing techniques. You could even bring a stress ball with you in your bag, just for those moments when you feel the tension building up. Taking long deep breaths through your nose will help to reduce anxiety, diffuse the situation and keep your mind clear. Breathe out slowly through your mouth and allow your shoulders to drop.


Drink Green Tea

Green tea is loaded with natural antioxidants. It contains numerous healing benefits that are known to reduce levels of stress. Not only that, but green tea increases your metabolism and even improves brain function. Pretty much, this supper beverage is the healthiest drink around! Plus it contains caffeine, so you can swap your morning coffee for this much healthier option.


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