5 Ways to Make This Year’s Pride Month a Celebration to Remember

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Pride month is a thing, and doesn’t it just make you want to go to the top of a mountaintop and yell, “Squee!” Not long ago, the LGBTQ community was extremely discriminated against and, although there is still work to be done in this arena, the 2015 decision by the Supreme Court to legalize gay marriage nationwide set a beautiful thing in motion. Pride month seeks to celebrate these strides and, with parades and parties, it also promotes having a whole lot of fun. Need some inspiration on how you can fully partake? Read on for how to make this year’s pride month a celebration to remember.

  1. Take Action

First and foremost, we want to keep the momentum going, so take the hoopla that’s already surrounding pride month and use it to your advantage. Post to social media wearing your pride tank tops, donning your flags—and don’t forget the hashtags, of course. What’s even more fun is that many social media platforms have created fun templates and colorful backgrounds to use to celebrate pride. The spotlight is on this movement. Let’s keep it there.

And if you were already thinking of donating to the movement, consider doing it during pride month, as you might even be able to find some organizations that are matching donations during this time. The Trevor Project, the Trans Lifeline and GLAAD are always good organizations for donations, as they really help those struggling with discrimination due to being part of the LGBTQ community. Lastly, call your reps. Tweets, emails, and other forms of communication go a long way, too, but phone calls seem to hold the most weight. “A phone call from a constituent can, indeed, hold more weight than an email, and far outweighs a Facebook post or a tweet,” The New York Times reports.

  1. Attend or Volunteer at a Local Parade

Check to see whether your town has thrown a pride parade yet, as nearly every city will do this. Get dressed up, don your rainbow attire from head to toe, and go have fun. Better yet, offer to volunteer. You won’t believe how helpful this is to the community and the supporting organizations and, hey, you’ll feel good, too.

  1. Throw a Pride Party

As if you needed a reason to throw a party, right? If you’re already a social butterfly who loves nothing more than to summon up the perfect soiree, this is the perfect motivation. Better yet, the decorations will be colorful and whimsical. From rainbow balloons and a rainbow cake, to rainbow (alcoholic and nonalcoholic!) slushees and rainbow wigs on every guest, these parties are custom-tailored to be a blast. Of course, you don’t want to get so caught up in the event that you forget the motivation. Think about having a donation jar for one of the previously mentioned charities, or simply “pass the hat.”

  1. Go Outside Your Comfort Zone


If you’re a heterosexual who is an ally or an aspiring ally, it could be time get uncomfortable. There are things we might be close-minded about without even realizing it, so it might be time to broaden our horizons. And you can make it fun! Never been to a gay bar? Organize a group to go. We promise this will be a raucous night you’ll be talking about for years to come. Attend a Drag Bingo Night. Or hit up a transgender support group in your area just to get a better grasp of what these people go through. It will be eye-opening, which is crucial when expanding our view of the world.

  1. Host a Pride-Themed Movie Night

With buttery popcorn and drinks that flow like wine, movie nights are always fun. You add a theme to it and it’s sure to be a night to remember. Whether you simply do it for fun and play a bunch of hilarious flicks or you choose meaningful movies that spark an LGBTQ-related discussion is up to you. Or you could always have the party be a bit of both. If you need a bit more direction, the Live Out Loud organization has some great ideas for hosting a pride-themed movie night. A fun evening that keeps the necessary conversation going is just what the gay and trans community ordered.

Pride month is so important to keep the positive momentum going so don’t just admire it from afar. Jump in feet first—you’ll surely find something at the end of the rainbow.

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