5AM Amaranth Oil Gives You All the Squalene You Need, Without Killing Sharks #LoveAmaranth

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If dry skin is your problem, squalene oil should be your ministry. Nothing hydrates quite like squalene oil, thanks to the high fatty acid content. Your body produces squalene, the levels peak in your 20’s and then declines faster than Wile E Coyote falling off a cliff. There was (technically still is) a problem with the oil because it was extracted from shark liver (labeled as squalane) which is terrible because death is involved. Luckily, squalene was discovered in olive oil and amaranth oil, which we are talking about today.


Amaranth was cultivated by the Aztecs roughly 8,000 years ago. They used it for food and it also played a huge role in worship. They regularly built statues of their deity using amaranth grain and honey. They would worship the statue, then break it down and distribute for eating. 8000 years ago? The Spanish were haters who wanted to force Christianity on the natives.  They outlawed amaranth and burned the fields as punishment. Luckily for us, they couldn’t keep a good grain down, and amaranth survived, but was not re-introduced to the US until the 1970’s.

5AM Amaranth Oil To-Go is a portable version of 5AM’s best-selling amaranth oil. Rich in squalene (the highest concentration), vitamin E and other essential fatty acids, this oil firms, brightens and smooths skin while providing maximum hydration.

Amaranth oil is very light in texture, absorbs quickly and has a very pungent smell that reminds me of weeds or grass. The scent lingers for a good 10 minutes which is tolerable. Add a few drops to your face in the morning and evening, or mix with your favorite moisturizer for an extra boost of hydration. The possibilities are endless.

5AM Amaranth Oil To-Go retails $12.99. Purchase here.

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