6 Habits To Adopt For An Easy Life!

Growing up is hard to do, said The Honeys, and they weren’t wrong. From the moment we are born, we are aging and changing and everything that we do through each stage of our life is designed toward making things easy for ourselves. We say to ourselves that we want to do anything we can to make life easier, more simplistic, and that’s exactly what we work toward – simplicity.

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Happiness is based in simplicity. As we get older, we realize that simple is much better than making life complicated for ourselves. So, we make a point of living in a way that is easy for everyone all round. Adopting the right routines and habits is the best thing that you can do to make your life an easy, more fulfilling one. We’ve listed some of the habits you need for a simpler life below:

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Routine. Keeping your life steady means adopting routines that are easy and make sense. Going to bed and waking up at roughly the same times every day mean that you are going to be able to feel well-rested and you’ve given your body expectations. You can feel more secure in the structure that you’ve set out for yourself, and thus you get to relax a little more.

Planning. Using a calendar to properly plan your week can make a huge difference in the way that you do things. There’s no reason to lose track of appointments, work or time with family. Plan to visit grandparents and give them their Christmas presents: that Snapfon phone is going to make their life easier, after all! Planning your life properly is going to give you more structure, so it’s definitely something you should be doing.

Declutter. If the house is in a higgledy-piggledy mess, you can expect your life to be, too. Your home reflects your personality and your life, and a cluttered zone reflects a cluttered mind. Keep it simple with your belongings and don’t have piles of stuff lying around everywhere. Make a point of clearing out the house once a month – if you haven’t used it, you don’t need it.

Meal Planning. Believe it or not, a simple life means knowing what your next meal will be and knowing you have it in the house. Planning your meals before you go shopping each week will mean you only buy the things that you need, saving you time and money.

Budget. Your finances can be a big cause of stress. Keep an eye on what you are spending each day and carry cash rather than cards where you can. Keep a budget spreadsheet like this one to keep track of your cash.

Unplug. Social media has a lot to answer for with our stress levels, and if you are spending too much time online, it’s time to unplug. Facebook isn’t going anywhere, and you need to be able to unwind without the pressure of being online. You don’t need technology to be fulfilled.


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