#SheetMaskMonday 7 Leaders Insolution Sheet Masks You Must Try

Leaders Insolution


Today, I would like to introduce you to k-beauty giant Leaders Insolution.

Leaders Insolution was founded in Korea, in July 2004. Leaders began with Insolution, which quickly became one of Korea’s best selling facial sheet masks, and was introduced to the American market in August 2015.

Since February 2016, I have been testing and playing with sheet masks from Leaders, and I want to introduce you to a seven of my favorites, and give some away! So let’s get started shall we?


7 Must Have Leaders Insolution Sheet Masks


Leaders Insolution Tomato Superfood Mask, $6IMG_9484

Skin elasticity is one of the major keys to success. Leaders Tomato Superfood mask features tomato extract soaked into a coconut gel mask. I’m a big fan of the entire superfood line because the coconut gel mask adheres to the face so much better than cotton masks. The tomato mask promises to improve elasticity, brighten the skin and improve skin that is showing signs of aging.


Leaders Insolution Vita Brightening Renewal Mask, $4IMG_9492

If your skin is dull, then you are probably like me, and have dry skin. Leaders Vita Brightening Renewal Mask will breathe new life in your skin with a special Vitamin C serum.  I’m a huge fan of vitamin C products because they gently brighten the skin over time. With consistent (at least once a week) use, your skin will become even, more toned and appear lively.



Leaders Insolution 7 Wonders Amazonian Anti-pollution Mask, $6IMG_9483

We have talked about the effects of pollution on the skin before. Pollution causes all sorts of damage, especially from the sun. Minimize the effects of pollution on the skin with this mask. Acai Berry and Vitamins C, B, and E join forces to purify, detox, fortify and rejuvenate skin.



Leaders Insolution Aquaringer Treatment Mask, $4IMG_9485

After a skin peel, I need deep hydration. Let’s be honest, I need deep hydration regardless because my skin is severely dry. Leaders Aquaringer gives my skin INTENSE hydration with natural Alps glacier water. I do find this mask to be insanely soothing after a peel. Though I barely peel these days.



Leaders Insolution Daily Wonders What Happened Last Night? Mask, $4IMG_9488

Being a mom means having a drink on Friday nights and still having mommy duties Saturday Morning. What Happened Last Night? pulls me out of a slightly hung over slump every time (no, I’m not an alcoholic, I can only have one drink, two max and I’m out!). Using this sheet mask is the equivalent of putting on strobe cream. My skin is dewy, fresh, and I look like I’ve had 8 hours of sleep (just don’t look me in the eyes).



Leaders Insolution Too Much Fun In The Sun? Mask, $4IMG_9490

This one I have not personally used, but I highly recommend it. You probably do not listen to me much and you are not wearing sunscreen. You probably spent all weekend out and about, soaking up the sun and got sunburned. Now your face resembles a well done strip of bacon. Give your skin some much needed soothing with Too Much Fun in the Sun? Mask. This mask contains chamomile, witch hazel and olive oil to , calm redness and reduce irritation.



Leaders Insolution Breakup With Ex- Skin Cells, $4IMG_9489

(Can you tell I love the Daily Wonders line the most?) I don’t encounter many exfoliating masks, so when I got my hands on this one, I was hooked! Leaders Cosmetics Breakup With Your Ex-Skin Cells features ingredients to gently exfoliate your skin. You’ll see a difference after the first mask, but use at least once a week for consistent results.


More about Aprill

Aprill Coleman is an award-winning beauty, lifestyle and wellness blogger and freelance writer based in Jackson, Mississippi.

25 thoughts on “#SheetMaskMonday 7 Leaders Insolution Sheet Masks You Must Try

  1. Heather ツ

    I was just looking at the Daily Wonders masks on Ulta earlier this week. If I could try any it would be the “What Happened Last Night”.


  2. simplysope

    I just had a long weekend of staying up late in Atlanta lol. If I had to choose a mask it would certainly be, “What Happened Last Night”


  3. Shanta @ BuryMeInRedLipstick

    It’s a tie between the tomato one and “What Happened Last Night” for me.


  4. Katie R

    I would choose the “7 Wonders Amazonian Anti-pollution Mask”


  5. Ashley

    the brightening renewal mask


  6. Ashley Monroe

    I’d love the Break Up with Your Ex mask!


  7. Sham

    I would love to try this line, some of these masks are perfect for my skin.


  8. juliet wilson

    I’d go with aquaringer


  9. latanya t

    Leaders Insolution Aquaringer Treatment Mask,


  10. laroyal06

    I would pick the brightening renewal mask.


  11. The Beauty of Life

    The Aquaringer mask sounds incredible!


  12. Hasani

    What Happened Last night mask!


  13. jackii heart

    I’d like to break up with my ex skin cells


  14. Laura

    I would like to try the 7 Wonders Amazonian Anti-pollution Mask.


  15. Rachel Beltz

    I think that the 2 step brightening mask sounds promising!


  16. Tamnificent

    The 7 Wonders Amazonian Anti-pollution Mask has my vote!


  17. Yazzi

    The Vita Brightening sounds PERFECT for my skin so I would love to try that one! =)


  18. Rose

    I have been wanting to try a sheet mask for awhile now. That tomato one sounds like I would love it 🙂


  19. inkchick

    The Vita Brightening Renewal Mask sounds absolutely wonderful. I love masks.


  20. Paol Trenny

    I like the “2-STEP BRIGHTENING MASK”.


  21. Rochelle

    I’d love to try the Vita Brightening mask. My skin is dull and I’d love to have that glow!


  22. Mimi

    Vita Brightening has my vote for sure!


  23. DJ



  24. Miss J

    The Brightening mask definitely


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