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4 thoughts on “7 Must Have Fragrances To Freshen Up Your Summer

  1. Dressed2dNines.Com

    The Vince Camuto and Kate Spade are definitely ones I want to try. All of these sound heavenly. Thanks for sharing doll! 🙂


  2. Kat D

    How could I even choose? I’m such a picky person when it comes to fragrances! I only use TWO on a regular basis. Last year, my favorite was Escada Cherry in the Air for the summer. Which reminds me…I need to order another one!


  3. Nandi Wagner

    I’m going to try that L’Occitane fragrance ASAP… magnolia is one of my favorite fragrances! Not too big a Freesia fan (it’s has always smelled like kitchen cleanser on me) but when paired with my bae Bergamot I’m willing to try it out!


  4. Brittany

    I hate that I can’t wear fragrances because that Summer Sun sounds soooo up my alley. Especially for laying out on the beach. YES!


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