9 Essential Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue Before the Big Day

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The sheer number of things to manage with a wedding can be a bit overwhelming for the future bride and groom. This can be successfully managed when taking things step-by-step and being sure to ask the appropriate questions.

When it comes to a wedding venue, here are a few crucial things to ask before booking anything.

1. Do You Carry a License for Civil Ceremonies?

When you’re planning to marry at a venue, this should be the number one question to ask first. This gets the initial formality out of the way. It is difficult to believe, but some venues will try to skirt over this issue. They plan to register later and don’t get around to it until it’s not possible to get approval before the big day. Yes, really!

2. What is Included in Your All-Inclusive Package?

Some venues will offer an all-inclusive package. Some won’t. For the ones that do, it is critical to find out what is and is not included. Some may have an open bar policy, whereas others have a two drink maximum. Sparkling wine may be included, but champagne may not be. Every venue has their own ideas, so be sure to drill down to the details to discover what the true cost of the venue and the parts not included will end up costing.

3. Is The Use of the Venue Exclusive?

Some venues are big enough to host two or more events on the same day, at the same time. If this is the case with the venue, then confirm that the bar, reception rooms and toilet facilities are separate for each group. The other thing to ask is what their staffing situation is like. A sudden shortage of staff on the big day can mean sharing the venue’s staff between two catered wedding events which could lead to an unsatisfactory day for both happy couples.

4. Our Suppliers or Yours?

A few venues will offer their own catering and other arrangements. Others will be essentially empty and leave it to the bride and groom to organize everything required. A venue may charge a corkage fee when bringing in alcohol from other suppliers too. Alternatively, the venue may have existing arrangements with quality suppliers and have negotiated a discount with them which might be advantageous.

5. What is the Maximum Guest Number for the Venue?

How many guests would you like to invite to the wedding? Some venues will have a minimum and maximum number of allowable guests for the big day. Are there tricky stairs to navigate for the elderly guests? Are there disabled facilities with wider door entrances and disabled-friendly toilet facilities? Will there be a sectioned off play area for the younger children to let off some stream when they get bored sitting around?

6. What Are the Payment Options?

What payment options are there? Can you pay with a credit card, debit card, cash or is there a monthly payment plan that can be arranged? There is some benefit to paying some of the cost on a credit card because this provides greater protection should the venue fail to live up to their end of the bargain.

7. Is there a Catering Option?

For venues that offer a fully-catered wedding option, is it possible to taste the dishes ahead of time to check the quality of the food? Will there be any suitable choices for vegans or guests needing gluten-free food dishes? The venue will often have more than one menu to choose between and they may be flexible to add a special dish or two.

8. Is the Venue a Banquet Hall?

Some of the better venues are banquet halls offering a greater array of features to invited guests. Some of the best examples of banquet halls to host a wedding are in Los Angeles.

9. Is There Any Overnight Accommodation?

Some venues will also have overnight accommodation that they can offer to a portion of the wedding guests. This can either be situated in the same building or in another building on the same property. Alternatively, are there hotel options nearby for invited guests? The advantage of accommodation at the venue is that there doesn’t need to be a designated driver for the trip home. Everyone can relax and enjoy the celebration.

Choosing a wedding venue is not easy to do because so much is resting on making the correct decision. The essential questions posed above will help steer the bride and groom in the right direction to ensure they’re on the right track with the planning for their big day.

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