9 Flawless Makeup Tips for Summer


As you might already know, each season of the year requires different makeup. Not only will the trends change, but depending on the weather outside, you’ll need different brands, styles and application methods.

So what does this mean for summer? What should you keep in mind as you put on your face in the rising heat? Here are just nine makeup tips for the hottest months of the year.

1. Start With A Primer
Many women skip this step, and honestly, it doesn’t have to be a priority in winter. When the temperature starts rising, however, you’ll be glad you took the time to prime. It will serve as the foundation for everything that comes afterward.

2. Embrace the Sheen
Do you live in a climate where avoiding the heat is impossible? Make your sweat work to your advantage by adding a little glimmer to your makeup. For example, shimmering eye shadow only looks better when the sun is shining directly on top of you.

3. Experiment with Smudging
It may seem counterproductive, but smudging your eye makeup on purpose can stop it from looking terrible after an afternoon at the beach. Kohl pencils are especially great for this. Even if the sun does its work on your eyeliner, everyone will assume it was a deliberate choice.

4. Buy Thick Concealer
Concealer tends to evaporate in the heat, so your thin winter brand just won’t cut it anymore. Look for something that’s dense and heavy on your fingers. Stick to the creams; liquid concealer will disappear faster than most.

5. Go Bold or Go Home
Save the pastels for springtime. In the summer, it’s all about bright reds and electric blues. You can even add a touch of white in time for the Fourth of July! Now that’s patriotic.

6. Buy Silicone-Based Products
Silicone works miracles in the heat. It puts a thin, unnoticeable barrier between your skin and your makeup so the sweat won’t make your foundation clump or your concealer run. If you’re tired of constantly dashing to the bathroom to make sure your makeup hasn’t melted, invest in silicone-based products.

7. Lengthen Your Lashes
Even the best makeup can fade or become splotchy during 100-degree days. If you make your eyes the focus of your face, however, you can draw attention away from problem areas and onto your thick, glorious lashes. Look into something like instant lash extensions for the best results.

8. Apply With A Light Hand
No matter what you’re wearing, make sure you don’t overdo it. A deft touch is required when the sun is blazing; anything more and you’re just asking for the rays to turn your makeup into jelly.

9. Waterproof Everything
There are dozens of products on the market available in waterproofing varieties. Buy them all! Not only will they protect you from running or evaporating makeup, but they’ll also stay in place even after you take a swim to cool off.

These are just a few ways to keep your makeup flawless no matter how hot it is outside. Don’t be discouraged if you have to experiment to figure out what works for you; with enough time and the right products, you can have excellent makeup every day of the year.

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