A Quick Look: FingerPaints Tie-Dye Revolution Summer 2015

Fingerpaints tie dye revolution

Disclosure: Contains press samples

Today I have FingerPaints limited edition summer collection, Tie-Dye Revolution.  It’s full of gorgeous brights that are perfect for these hot summer days.


FingerPaints Tie-Dye Revolution Summer 2015 - Be Hippy

Be Hippy (two coats) truly impressed me.  This is opaque in one easy coat, plus it’s a gorgeous blue I can’t seem to capture accurately on camera.  A similar color is the OPI Ford Mustang Grabber Blue.


FingerPaints Tie-Dye Revolution Summer 2015 - Far Out Fuchsia

Far Out Fuchsia (two coats) also has a great formula like Be Hippy.


FingerPaints Tie-Dye Revolution Summer 2015 - Peace Love & Green

Peace Love & Green (three coats) has opacity issues.  Even after three coats, there is still some visible nail line.  I can’t recommend this one at all.


FingerPaints Tie-Dye Revolution Summer 2015 - Tie Dye Tangerine

Tie Dye Tangerine (two coats) also has the fantastic two-coat application.


FingerPaints Tie-Dye Revolution Summer 2015 - Yellow Out Man

Yellow Out Man (three coats) doesn’t have the opacity issues as the green, but has the finicky application that yellow polish is susceptible to.  You may need to wait between coats to dry for even application.

I cannot laud Be Hippy enough, but be warned:  it’s a stainer!  You may need to double up on your favorite base coat to avoid Smurf fingernails.

FingerPaints Tie Dye Revolution retails $5.49 at Sally Beauty Supply.



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