About That Nude Palette From Livingsocial…..

living social nude eyeshadow

About two weeks ago, LivingSocial posted a new deal! Yay right? It was titled “Nude Eyeshadow Palette 3 options”. The price? $19.99. Something inside of me tingled. Could it be true? Could LivingSocial be selling Urban Decay Naked Palettes for $19.99?

I mean the description sounded vague, yet alluded to it being the real thing. Check out the verbiage:

Pretty up your peepers in matter of moments and enjoy luscious, robust, and fresh colors when you utilize this Nude eyeshadow palette. Available in three styles, this palette includes 12 stunning shades.

  • Brand: Nude
  • Shades: 12
  • Palette Options: 3
  • Palette Size: 20cm x 6.7cm x 1.6cm
  • Great for all skin types

Ok so… Nude eyeshadow…. ok…

Palette looks like Urban Decay Naked. Ok…

3 options, like Naked 1, Naked 2 and Naked 3. Ok…

$49.99 value? I’m sold. It has to be the real thing right?

So I decided, not because I wanted the palette for personal use, but because there was so much buzz and doubt from my peers, to order one of these palettes and see what I got. I decided on Nude Palette 3, which looks a lot like Urban Decay Naked 3, you know, the one with the rose gold toned shadows. Order placed. Delivery confirmation was sent a few days later. Mailman runs, palette delivered. Open the package…


First thought….


Ok I’m gonna chill. It’s a box with no label. No biggie, Let’s open the palette shall we….



I take one look at the shadows and yell…


It’s fake. Phony. Imitation. Dummy. Reproduction. Imposter. A sham. A hoax. It’s not real.







But LivingSocial never said it was real either. Bottom line, if you see this palette hoping for the real thing, you won’t get it.

Post links to the deal? For why? RUN GIRL!

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Aprill Coleman is an award-winning beauty, lifestyle and wellness blogger and freelance writer based in Jackson, Mississippi.

26 thoughts on “About That Nude Palette From Livingsocial…..

  1. Heather ツ

    I’d love to know where they came up with the $49.99 value for this….


  2. Cosmetics Aficionado

    Oh hell no! I would be so mad.


  3. Dressed2dNines.Com

    LOL our GIFs are a perfect reflection of the writing! Love it 🙂 really a bummer the palette didn’t work out.


  4. Molly

    The colors are close but it’s definitely not a Naked 3! If you haven’t bought the real one yet you should definitely check it out. None of the shades really stand out for me like the other Naked palettes but the colors are still really pretty!

    Molly and Stacie


    1. GlitteryGlossy

      I have the real thing! Reviewed it when it was released. ^_^


  5. Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Oh well, one can only wish, right?! Was the quality awful, or could you use it? Sometimes an inexpensive palette can still be usable.


    1. GlitteryGlossy

      Very true. My only issue is there’s no label of any kind, I need at least an ingredient list.


  6. Giselle

    woow..even though they didn’t say it was Urban Decay that’s a very deceiving picture. They could’ve AT LEAST put a damn sticker on the case. Who’s selling $49 pallets with no name lol


  7. Albertine

    It’s a shame this wasn’t the real one! It’s so deceptive to pretend it was


  8. waymire

    Never said it was UD. Lots of dupes out there, not sure why the outrage? Were the shadows any good?


    1. Jbh Jbh

      They put these up with the intent to deceive people into thinking they were getting a deal. It sucks buying something and getting a counterfeit


      1. waymire

        “intent to deceive”.. nowhere does it claim to be Urban Decay.. or even a Naked palette. Can no one read?


        1. Miki Nyckel

          Your point is absolutely valid. But it doesn’t make it right to try and disguise a product for the purpose of making a dime. It’s cowardly and greedy. No, they didn’t state it’s UD. But they made damn sure It looks identical and is called the same name. Buyer beware, for sure. But when was it ok to throw honesty and integrity completely out the window? They’re not being honest, they’re simply doing what’s legally required to make a buck. Lots of companies have made dupes for Naked without pretending they’re the identical product. Lots of companies have made products of far less quality but claim as their own. Instead of stealing from the mass popularity od vertain companies. But trying to cheat consumers for the simple purpose of making some money off their quick to spend fingers, is downright unethical.


        2. Jbh Jbh

          You don’t need words to deceive.


    2. GlitteryGlossy

      I do not have any outrage per say, as I stated above alot of people have ran across the deal, but they were not sure whether or not it was a real UD palette being sold. I do not know the quality of the shadows because I know nothing about the palette. There is no label on the box or palette itself. No ingredient list. I have no idea where it was made. Normally with counterfeit products, they are full of lead so I will assume this palette is no exception.


  9. Sami Mast

    Oh my gosh this made me laugh so hard! If I saw that deal I totally would have thought it was the Naked Palette in disguise, but NO NOT EVEN CLOSE! Thanks for letting us know so we don’t get duped!!

    xo Sami


  10. Kristina | The Feminine Files

    That is so shady…no ingredients or anything! Even if I paid the $20 I wouldn’t put that on my eyes.


  11. Gouldylox

    Were the shadows any good? That is so wrong….


  12. marciaf

    I’d never trust something like this. When it’s too good to be true, it’s probably not good at all.


  13. Miki Nyckel

    I can’t see this post at all, this is really weird … It’s just a long empty gray box


    1. GlitteryGlossy

      Adblocker is more than likely running.


      1. Miki Nyckel

        Thanks, must be! What a pain. Looking at it on my phone instead lol. I actually saw a listing in my area that claimed it was UD. I don’t know how they got away with that, but it was only $30 and that was all the proof I needed (well no that’s a lie, I tried researching it and getting more information, to no avail. There was nothing else about it ALL) and I figured it was definitely too good to be true. Pass. But thanks for biting the bullet there for all of us! Good post! I read to confirm my suspicions 🙂


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