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8 thoughts on “Absynia Brass Triangle Necklace Giveaway

  1. Melissa D

    My wedding ring! 😉


  2. Alexandra Moffett-Bateau

    I am so excited about this contest!


  3. Trish Williams

    I like the Men’s Ankh pendant necklace-wood bead necklace-wood and brass necklace.


  4. Babette

    Amazing craftsmanship 🙂


  5. Lisa Foster

    A necklace with a small diamond pendant that my husband gave me when we were dating, I still wear it almost every day over 25 years later.


  6. AfroMeatballs

    I just love this necklace!!!


  7. parysakira

    Absynia is one of my favorite jewelry brands!


  8. judy o

    those triangle necklaces are amazing. thanks for the opportunity. (i was given one similar years ago, as a bridesmaid gift, but it broke and wasn’t fixable)


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