Absynia Cyber Monday Details Inside!!


If Black Friday and Small Business Saturday was not your forte, feel free to check out Absynia’s Cyber Monday sale! Absynia is offering 15% your total order today only with the code CHIA1.

Remember that Absynia’s jewelry is all handmade in the USA!

Absynia is a handmade jewelry brand committed to bringing culturally relevant jewelry to people who want to express who they are and what they stand for with their fashion choices and purchases.
Highly customizable and limited edition, Absynia offers customers a chance to move away from mass produced accessories that all look the same.

Created around the concept of conscious consumerism, Absynia jewelry and accessories are all ethically made.

To find out more visit www.absynia.com.

Get to know the artist by following on Twitter and Tumblr: www.twitter.com/Absyniashop and wwww.absynia.tumblr.com

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