Accessory Heaven: Juicy Couture Robertson Tech Wristlet

Juicy Couture Robertson Tech Wristlet

I’ll admit it.  I love accessories, probably a little more than beauty, so don’t be shocked when you see me post more accessory reviews in the near future.  So my dilemma- I hate purses, I love backpacks and about two weeks ago, I decided I don’t like those either. I needed a change.

I’m not the girl that needs a handbag. When I wear makeup, it lasts all day so I don’t need a cosmetic bag for retouching (This probably answers your burning questions about why you’ve never seen a ‘What’s in my makeup bag’ post from me.), I don’t carry around a ton of magazines, books and calendars… I do my reading at my desk. So a long time ago, I gave up on handbags.  Having five kids also killed my love for purses, and introduced me to the love of backpacks. Yes backpacks. I could store snacks and diapers and wipes and all that good stuff. But now, I only have one child in training pants, and he no longer poops on the go. So I need to carry my phone, my id and my debit card.

Juicy Couture Robertson Tech Wristlet is my dream come true.  It’s a leopard print haircalf , black leather wristlet with gold accents. The inside contains everything I need- three slots for cards, ID Window, an iPhone window case, and a zipper. There’s also a wrist strap that fits perfectly and securely around my wrist.

So my Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet is officially retired. Goodbye my love, I’ve moved on to something better.

The Robertson Tech Wristlet retails for $98. Pick it up on





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