Accessory Must-Haves For A Brighter Spring

The weather is warming, and there is already a spring (pardon the pun) in your step. Now those heavy winter coats are coming off and staying off, it’s time to layer up for Spring. Accessories play a huge part in spring fashion. You want to reflect the brighter weather, and floral colors all around right now. So how can you capture the mood of the season with those essential accessory must-haves?


No more wool and heavy cotton for you. Now is the perfect time to dig deep into your closet and grab your lighter silks and sheer scarfs. Sure, they may still have a practical job to do when that chilly wind whistles through. But ultimately, they’re there to elongate your neck, decorate the collar of your favorite shirt, and offer a feminine drape across your shoulders. Pick patterns and colors that are bold and busy, especially if your outfit is a little more conservative in design.


Earrings are so important with this season’s short hairstyles. You might be picking cheek ticklers or ornate studs but be sure to make them visible. If you’re looking for something new, you might check out sales or elf925 wholesale jewelry deals. Having plenty of choice with your jewelry gives you more opportunity to achieve the look you really want. Rings are back this season too. Choose chunky dress rings or something with a colorful gem to match your nails.

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So many of us have a bag for every outfit! This season, if you’re bag shopping, try to pick something that sits well next to more of your style choices. Beyond the obvious money-saving opportunity, it can be better to have a statement handbag. It should represent your character well instead of those dozen bags a week that offer nothing to say. Style is about consistency. Sure, you might be leisurely one day and formal the next. That doesn’t mean you can’t theme your outfits to be more fitting to your personality. Your handbag can be a really big part of that.

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If your shoe collection could do with refreshing this season, you are in luck. Ankle boots from the top designers are plentiful for the Spring. They go with almost anything, and it’s easy to find a pair that matches your style choices. When you’re choosing a pair of ankle boots, you do need to pick a pair you can wear all day. Because they hold so much of your feet and ankles, a poor fitting boot can cause quite a lot of pain and damage. Go for zips and buckles to add a bit of pizazz to your footwear.


Belts, when worn in the right place for your body shape, can help to create a lovely curve in all the right places. If you’re looking for something that will offer just the right cinch, you should consider something with a little bit of decorative detail. This helps to draw the eye to your narrowest part and aids in that all-important silhouette. If you’re going for leather, dark tan leather is very chic and just the right look for a Spring outfit.


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