Add Color And Sound To Your Workspace With Apollo Box’s Magic Color Ball Bluetooth Speaker

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Naturally, I love Spotify but I find myself listening to Tidal here and there because Beyonce won’t put Lemonade on Spotify (I know, pls.), but I’ve grown tired of using my computer to listen to music even though Dell told me there’s some fancy audio system inside my computer. I stole my husband’s portable speaker for a minute, but it’s ugly. Dog ugly.

Thanks to Apollo Box, I was given the opportunity to test drive the Magic Color Ball Bluetooth Speaker ($36.99). It’s the ultimate combination of sound and color all rolled up in one device. It features 8 colors, rainbow mode, and twinkling mode. Color intensity changes depending on the music’s rhythm, giving you an experience like none other.

This speaker is wireless and plays music clear with excellent sound quality. If you own a device that is Bluetooth capable, it will play music. And no worries, it’s safe to use outdoors, but it’s totally not waterproof. It comes with a remote control to adjust sound and the color scheme. It even has a compartment in the back of the ball to store the remote.

I love the little pop of color it adds to my home office space combined with the music. It’s relaxing, inviting, and fun. My one and only complaint is battery life. I can only get 3 hours of life┬ábefore it warns me that it is about to die, and dies. I’ve been toying with the idea of just leaving it on the charger at all times.

Apollo Box is full of quirky, fun items to add livable color to your space. The Magic Color Ball Bluetooth Speaker retails $36.99. You can only get this at Apollo Box!

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